Saturday, March 30, 2013


We seem to be all about anniversaries of late.  Here's another:

I've been on Twitter since November of 2008, or a lil over half of it's life.  That said, I don't tweet often (only 234 tweets, lifetime) but I DO follow 68 people or organizations and dial into the hashtags once in a while when something big is happening... like the Green Revolution (what a misnomer!) in Iran and the tsunami that hit Japan.

Congrats, Twitter... and thanks.

Speaking of technology... check out Arthur C. Clarke:

How's that for prescience?  From the Usual Saturday Source:
In 1974 Arthur C Clarke, standing in a computer bunker, told a stunned kid on Australian television that when he was as old as the presenter – which would be the year 2001 – he would have compact version of one of those computers. He predicted he would be able to use it to get all the information he needed: bank statements, theatre reservations. The presenter worried what it would mean in social terms. "It would mean people would we able to live anywhere on earth [and do their jobs]," replied Clark. Aah, those crazy pipe dreams ...
Science fiction, science fact.  We truly live in a wonderful age.

Ah... but let's not get TOO carried away with Teh Tech...

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.


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