Saturday, March 23, 2013


This is just pretty cool:

One wonders exactly HOW the vid was done... it seems so fluid and "of a piece."

In other news... today is wedding day.  Here are a few shots from yesterday's rehearsal.

The Principals - Felicity and Diego

The Venue - a country club in Rio Rancho.  It'll be a short trip from the ceremony to the reception.

Diego, Felicity, and Felicity's Uncle John, who will be officiating.

This is pretty much self-explanatory, no?

The Real Deal is at 1700 hrs today, more to follow tomorrow.


  1. Fantastic vid! Especially when you consider that the main character would have been walking backwards for the primary filming. Amazing.

    The pics are lovely; how wonderful to have a family member officiate. A toast to the beautiful couple for a lifetime of joy & happiness. Have a great time Buck!

    1. On the vid: I'd like to see a "how it was done" follow-up.

      On the rehearsal: It was fun!

  2. Don't mean to be a typical geezer/curmudgeon here--although I AM--but when seeing such things I cannot but help think of all the idyl time and brainpower involved and wonder if those involved might not better put their time & energy to use more fruitfully, like seeking a cure for cancer, picking up litter in the city parks, etc...........I know, I know, "beauty is its own reward" etc .Still. Bah Humbug!


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