Friday, March 22, 2013

Not Your Father's Air Force XXVIII

This is pretty unusual:
Col. Bush (right)
Grand Forks Commander Relieved Due to Waistline: Air Mobility Command this week relieved Col. Tim Bush of command of the 319th Air Base Wing at Grand Forks AFB, N.D., due to his failure to meet the service's physical fitness standards, according to a command release. "Bush was not relieved for alleged misconduct or wrongdoing," states the March 20 release that came out the same day as his dismissal from the post, which he had held since July 2011. Instead, the reason was Bush's waist size, which exceeded "by inches" the Air Force's maximum-allowed girth of 39 inches for men, reported the Grand Forks Herald. "I failed to meet the waist measurement component of the physical fitness standard," said Bush, 47, who stands six feet, one inch tall and weighs 227 pounds, according to the newspaper. He added, "That's the only component I failed." Maj. Gen. William Bender, US Air Force Expeditionary Center commander, took the action since he has administrative control of the wing, according to AMC's release. Bender appointed Col. Christopher Mann, 319th ABW vice commander, as interim wing commander. Bush, who was reportedly a "well-respected" leader, has requested retirement, according to the newspaper.
Looks like Big Air Force (heh) is pretty serious about the Fat Boy program these days.  That wasn't always the case, IIRC.  I think this is a good thing.  

That said, this lil item is a day late and a couple o' pounds short of helping the good colonel:
You Are What You Eat: The Air Force has launched a pilot campaign called "Better Foods, Better Bodies" to motivate airmen and their families to eat healthier. "We want airmen and their families to live long, healthy lives and we know a lot of that depends on what they put into their bodies," said Mary Balch of the Air Force Medical Operations Agency, who is directing the campaign, in a March 19 release. The Air Force surgeon general's office and AFMOA's health promotion office are leading this effort, which is under way at three pilot locations before its potential rollout across the entire Air Force: JB Andrews, Md.; JBSA-Lackland, Tex.; and JB Langley-Eustis, Va. From online tools and resources, like recipes, to posters and coupons, the campaign seeks to educate airmen and their families in making smarter food choices, such as eating more fruits and vegetables, states the release.
I don't think THIS is a good thing.  Money's pretty tight right now and throwing it away on what's basically a "feel good," nanny-like effort doesn't make much sense to me.


  1. Fatboy ex-Trash Hauler22 March, 2013 13:33

    I think the Col planned to retire, and just was pushing it to test the General. Sometimes Generals are wimps. Evidently that General doesn't waste time with standards: in or out, your choice.

    I found I needed about 2000 calories every time I flew (which was usually 16 hour flying time). When I went to the Inflight kitchen, we would fill a big box with fried chicken and roast beef sandwiches).

    When I was young I naturally got enough exercise that 2000 calories was no big deal. After about age 30, it became hard. We had what was known as the commanders 10% club. You became a member when you reached 10% of your max weight. 25% if you looked like crap in a flight suit.

    Anyway, I was on the 10% club for almost 10 years. I had to run 2 miles three days a week, and spent 30 minutes before that on the rowing machine instead of stretch exercises. When overseas I had to run almost every day, as it was all crisco food. They get you fat and then fuck you in the ass.

    2000 calories will do a lot of damage, but falling asleep was discouraged in flight. We had a co-pilot who fell asleep during air refueling once. The plane was just drifting to the right and the pilot yelled WTF! Looked over and the guy was zonked out. That was a first for me, ha. He never did that again!

    1. And the pencil-holders on the left shoulder of your flt-suit are where the spoon-handles are stashed, right? :)

    2. @Trash-Hauler: The BEST thing about AF box lunches was the fried chicken. Your refueling story could have had a nasty ending.

      @Virgil: Heh... you know, dontcha?

    3. Virgil! Who told! Exactly right. Stirring sugar into coffee was made easy by the spoon. Then the cigarettes in the zip pocket there, were like the flight suit was made for addicts. Cigarettes, coffee, fried chicken. "You got to be heavy to fly the toughs"...


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