Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not Your Father's Air Force XXVII - A Follow-Up

I recently posted about the reversal of a USAF Lt. Colonel's court-martial conviction for sexual misconduct.  Well, guess what?
General Franklin
Hagel Intervenes in Aviano Sex-Abuse Case: Amid lawmakers' outcry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has directed Air Force Secretary Michael Donley and Defense Department Acting General Counsel Robert Taylor to look into the decision by 3rd Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin that overturned the sexual-misconduct conviction of a former officer at Aviano AB, Italy. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) announced Hagel's action on Monday, releasing the March 7 letter that he sent her. Hagel wrote Boxer that he wanted Donley and Taylor "to determine how the factual basis" for Franklin's decision "can be made more transparent" and to review the case "to assess whether all aspects of the [Uniform Code of Military Justice] were followed." He wants them to report to him—after they consult with the Army and Navy Secretaries—whether DOD should consider UCMJ changes. Hagel also told Boxer he's prepared to work with lawmakers to "help ensure the effectiveness" of DOD's responses "to the crime of sexual assault." Franklin was the convening authority for the court-martial of Lt. Col. James Wilkerson, former 31st Fighter Wing inspector general found guilty last November of improper sexual conduct with a female civilian base employee. Upon reviewing the case, Franklin overturned the conviction, citing lack of sufficient evidence. Under the UCMJ, the convening authority's decision is final; no one, including the Defense Secretary can change it, according to Hagel's missive. Hagel said the case "does raise a significant question" about the convening authority's role.
That's from the Usual USAF Source, of course.  It's the Usual Suspects that are stirring the pot, which is to say female politicians with a Big D after their names.  It will be interesting to see if the reversal stands, as it should.  I can also guarantee that General Franklin will be summoned before Congress to defend his decision before one committee or another.

A further follow-up:
Distinguished Warfare Medal Ranking to Stand: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) that the new Distinguished Warfare Medal is appropriately ranked despite the protests from lawmakers and some veterans' groups, according to the senator. "This is a disappointment," said Toomey in a March 11 release. "While I fully support appropriate recognition of all military personnel whose extraordinary actions make a difference in combat operations, I am concerned about this decision and the new medal's ranking in DOD's order of precedence," he added. The controversy stems from the fact that the DWM ranks higher than the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Toomey is not alone in his concern. A bipartisan group of more than 20 senators sent a letter to Hagel on March 8 "urging him to preserve the precedence of combat decorations over a new medal honoring drone pilots and cyber warriors." On the House side, a group led by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) has introduced legislation that would prohibit the Pentagon from ranking the DWM equal to, or higher than the Purple heart.
Arrogance.  Pure, unmitigated, go-fuck-yerself arrogance.  I hope the House follows through with legislation.



  1. I just thought a really bad, bad word.
    The G.D. country's become a circus and Washington's the clown car.

    1. "Clown car," indeed. One wonders just how we're gonna get through this.

  2. We've now heard from the two Senators from the Bay Area.
    Can some sort of drivel from the House Minority Leader be far behind.
    I always kinda wondered of she could be deported back to Maryland?

    1. Oh, I'm CERTAIN Ms. Fancy-pants will weigh in. About deporting her... why would Maryland want her back?

  3. The California pols shouldn't screw with military
    They have guns and they know how to use them

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  5. I've almost quit commenting on all things military--we're circling the PC drain and there's no use fooling ourselves..,TOTAL disgust..

  6. I'm unsure of wether the ranking of the new Distinguished Warfare Medal or... if Navy Admiral Samuel Locklear the 3rd stating that climate change is the greatest threat to the USA is the greater idiocy, I suppose I should clarify "of March, 2013". Because we know what follows is another 46 more months of mind bending idiocy, and a contest isn't what I want to start.


    I almost caught myself giving the greater nod to the DW Medal. With the knowledge that of all the countries in the world that pose a threat, some of which may be very serious threats, I'm certain the USA can dispatch all challengers. Thus leaving rising oceans and class 6, 7, 8... hurricanes as the potentially more dangerous threat. Wether it's real or not.

    Both of these appear to be of something grown from D.C. An infection of the military from somewhere up above.

    1. Yeah, I saw that thing from Locklear. I think the man has outlived his usefulness, is what **I** think. That, or he's senile.


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