Monday, February 04, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

White Boys playin' da blooze and doin' a damned good job of it, too:

Can't get the one you love, have to use somebody else.
That would be Eric Clapton and the legendary Duane Allman playin' and singin' fer YOU.  We digress, coz we were gonna be on about that line I quoted above.  There was a time when that sentiment rang true and I have a couple o' tee shirts in that space... memorable tee shirts, at that.  But these days?  No.  Coz first and foremost, we aren't into using wimmen any longer.  And second, we're not prone to "settle" in our old age given we've had the Real Thing and everything else is just so much jerkin' off.  Think about my last.

I had an alternate Happy Hour tune all cued up and ready to go but... alas.  I was waiting for Godot FedEx to visit me and deliver the stuff that my soundtrack was dependent on and they're not here yet.  So, Happy Hour is nearly over and a nap is imminent.  Mebbe tomorrow.

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