Friday, February 15, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

I'm up for a polka... how 'bout you?

I have an ulterior motive for this tune, in that (a) we're drinkin' a new-to-us Wit Bier for today's Happy Hour (the ubiqutous Hoegaarden) and (b) bemoaning the loss of our once-upon-a-time favorite Wit Bier, Mothership Wit from New Belgium.  I noticed quite some time ago that Mothership had disappeared from the shelves in my area but I didn't want to acknowledge what I knew in my heart to be true: Mothership had been discontinued.  Today I went searching for confirmation and found it, like this:

Note the absence of Mothership.  Well, dang.  Just DANG!  Mebbe New Belgium ran out o' organic wheat to use in this beer, or mebbe sales dipped, or mebbe they just didn't have room in their brewery to produce this particular beer, given all the various and sundry beers in production.

None the less, I am sad.  I went and searched for Mothership on the blog and found 13 different posts where I mention Mothership by name.  I can always hope NB will resurrect the beer, coz there is that "Revival" category.

But in any event:  the queen of Wit Biers is dead.  Long live the Queen!

As for the song... I want NO part of any religion that states beer will not be available in the afterlife.  None.  Period.  End of report.


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