Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Usual Saturday Post...

... critters edition, beginning with a cute frog.  Wait.  Did I just put those two words... "cute" and "frog"... together?  Yeah, I did.  (I've done that before... here's another cute frog)

And then there's more screaming goats.  We posted a short clip o' screaming goats before, but that was NOTHING like this...

That makes me laugh while feeling just a little bit creepy.


  1. The frog was cute. The goats were funny but... what you said.

    Both clips caused my cats to completely freak out.

  2. The frog sounded just like one of Ranger's squeeze toys. When we squeeze it he goes crazy - like a dog on crack! When the frog in the video squeeked, Ranger came running and went crazy looking for the source of the squeek - very funnny. So then, I played the goat video. This one had Max turning his head looking quite dumbfounded. And Jesse laughed hard at the goats screaming. Now you have caused utter mayhem at the Lazy B.


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