Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Texas Cookin'

Blog-Bud Lou left a link to this tune in comments to yesterday's Happy Hour Soundtrack, sayin'...
That music was good, but if you want some good cookin' music, this is it. If you ain't dancin' around the kitchen to Guy Clark, you ain't livin'.

She's right, yanno?  I'm thinkin' there might be a slew o' songs about our regional cuisines but then again, mebbe it's only Suthin' and Southwest cookin' that inspires people to sing about it.  I'll have to give this some thought.

In other news... it was yet another late, late night/early morning (we finished season five of "24" in a marathon viewing session) and we're still workin' on our first cup while goin' thru the overnight mail.  The chances are pretty good I'll find sumthin' else to babble about before I'm done readin' all the political BS, love letters from Amazon, and news from the Air Force Association.


  1. I love Guy Clark songs. Many of the NM singers that I have known do lots of his music. When Jesse was in France last year with her cousin, they discovered that they were both raised on Guy Clark songs - it was a bonding moment:) I can't tell you how many times I have been around the dance floor to Texas Cookin'.

    1. I don't own any Guy Clark albums but I AM familiar with his work, and it's more than a passing familiarity.

  2. Chicken fried steak with white gravy on the side. Mmmmm.
    I hadn't heard this before. Thanks to you and Bag for this. I do own one Guy Clark album (Can't find it right now, but I believe it's called "Cold Dog Soup"); he's a great songwriter/entertainer.
    Speakin' of food songs, here's another one you might like from Carolyn Martin. That's What I Call Cookin'


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