Friday, February 22, 2013

Old Days

Yup... and the bureaucrats OWN the serfs these days, too.  Who don't seem to mind all that much.

Speaking of Old Days... there was this in my latest love note from Amazon:

Not the price differential between the different media; today you pay a significant premium for vinyl.  That brings on a "who'd a thunk it" response from YrHmblScrb, while making me wonder how much the 8-track version would cost.  (Not really.)  I've been known to wax nostalgic about my vinyl and the fact I don't have possession of it any longer.  My vinyl got a LOT of airplay while I still had it, at least as much if not more than my CDs.  Part of that is the fact some of my music is ONLY available on my LPs, what with a lot o' stuff goin' out of print years ago, and part of it is my BEST vinyl (i.e., the half-speed mastered and Euro-pressings) sounds better to my ear than CDs.

I'm gonna get my vinyl back.  Some day.

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