Monday, February 25, 2013

Not a Nice Day

P-Ville has a lot in common with other southern tier states: everything shuts down when we get a couple inches o' snow.  Witness:
A spokesperson for Clovis public schools has announced Clovis schools are closed Monday due to the threat of continued snow and high winds.
Other delays/closings reported to Clovis Media Inc:
• Muleshoe schools are closed.
• Portales schools are closed.
• Clovis Community College is closed, according to a text message sent out by its emergency alert system.
• Cannon Air Force Base has announced only mission essential personnel report to work on its Facebook page.
• Texico schools are closed.
• Eastern New Mexico University is closed.
There's more; not a school district in the area is open.  The worst thing about this stuff... for me... is the wind is out of the south, so that makes things a right mess in my immediate vicinity outdoors.  Examples:

A carport doesn't do much good when the wind blows right into it.  We have an immediate and further grasp of the obvious, too:

There won't be an outdoor Happy Hour today.  But Hey!  It's kinda-sorta pretty out and I don't have anywhere to go.  So like Frank sez...


  1. Yesterday, Toby piled up the fire wood to get ready for the upcoming storm. Supposedly we may get 1-3 inches this afternoon. I'm good with that, 'cause I'm home and have my fire going. Let it snow.

    1. Yeah... I'm in "let it snow" mode, too, but the skies cleared up and it's nice and bright. That's OK, too.

  2. Why heck Buck, that looks like real snow! Though it appears to be the heavy wet, clingy kind. Which is nasty.

    1. It WAS that wet, heavy stuff. I'm glad I didn't have to shovel any o' that.

  3. Nothing wrong with a little snow, but those pics of the snow on your poor Flamingos? Well, it just looks wrong. WRONG I say! Poor things, shivering as I know they must be. The least you could do is take 'em in the house and warm 'em up.

    Heartless beast...

    1. Yeah, Mick and Keef DO look a lil cold, don't they?

  4. PS: Put 'em in the bathroom,that way they won't drip all over everything while they defrost.. :)


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