Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wherein We Bitch, Moan, and Complain...

... about the weather.  Currently:

Not the lil "today  is forecast to be warmer..." bit.  I sure as Hell HOPE so, coz this was yesterday:

We didn't stick our nose out the door at all yesterday.  Not once.  Our forecast for today was revised from what it was last night, when we weren't expected to break the freezing mark.  I'm thinkin' we still might not, based on the way things are at the moment.

Yesterday turned into a major housecleaning day, seein' as how we were housebound.  I suppose that's a Good Thing coz this place sure doesn't clean itself.  As a s'matter o' fact, I suspect there's someone who sneaks in and dirtys the place up while I'm out.  I fail to see exactly HOW this place can get so dirty seein' as how I'm the only guy here and I'm nothing if not fastidious.  For a guy.

If I ever catch that sumbitch he's TOAST.

♫ ♪ "I was thinkin' mebbe I'd get a maid..." ♪ ♫

More bitching... My house is COLD. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the thermostat bein' in close proximity to a heating vent (brilliant design, that) coz when the living room is nice and toasty the rest of the place is chilly.  Beyond chilly, actually, and gettin' right down into cold territory.  I've also had my thermostat set at 74 freakin' degrees during this cold snap... up from the normal 70... and I'm still cold, even when layered in a long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, and/or sweater, with my spiffy fleece-lined slippers on my feet.  My lil portable space heater has been getting quite the workout when I'm noodling on the 'puter in the office.  Perhaps this is just another manifestation of gettin' old, coz you know how Old Folks are.  Could you hand me my shawl, please?

It will be better tomorrow, though.  As the ever-present "they" say... this too shall pass.


  1. I have a fire built, and I'm cozy and snug. But then, I don't get too far from the fireside. I did venture out to the barn and to get firewood today. It was cold.

    1. I can only WISH I had a fireplace on a day like today. We're envious, we are.

  2. "Shawl?" Then you'd better get the requisite rockin' chair and hot water bottle as well, plus fur-lined slippers, long-johns, robe and Alaskan woodsman's leather & rabbit-fur hat (the kind w. ear-flaps) to complete the picture. THEN take a self-portrait! (Zinc washing-tub of hot water to soak feet optional, lol)

    1. I've got the hat (albeit a Rooshian one, not Alaskan, but close enough), rocking chair, fleece-lined slippers, AND a heating pad. No shawl, though, strangely enough.


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