Monday, January 07, 2013

The "Spirit of California"

From the Usual USAF Source...
For Those Needing More Spirit: One of the Air Force's B-2A stealth bombers, The Spirit of California, performed a flyover of the Rose Bowl parade in Pasadena Calif., on New Year's Day. Here's the link to a video of the flyover, which is one of the public events in 2013 that the Air Force is using to celebrate the 20th anniversary year of the B-2, according to service officials. It was on Dec. 17, 1993, that the first operational B-2, The Spirit of Missouri, arrived at Whiteman AFB, Mo. The base is home to the 509th Bomb Wing, which operates the 20-aircraft B-2 fleet. (See also link to B-2 video from Los Angeles' KTLA New Station 5.)
And here's the first video referenced above:

"Whitman AFB?"  Hunh?  The guy from KTLA (the second vid linked above) gets the base name right but the embed code for the video autoplays.  Ergo I won't post it on the blog... that said, the vid is worth a look.

Pretty cool, eh?


  1. Ah, the B-2, an impressive beastie she is. In our little Rhode Island town (home of the country's oldest Fourth of July parade) we had the B-2 fly down the parade route some years back. It was a most impressive sight to see that big, black jet motoring along straight and level. To see her actually banking in that video was awesome.

    Apropos of nothing: If our town's parade is the oldest in the country celebrating American Independence, would it not also be the oldest in the world? Not that many other nation's would care. But I do recall that the Danes actually have a Fourth of July celebration, for US independence no less. (Go figure, but the Danes ARE an awesome folk.)

    1. I've been to that Fourth o' July parade you mention, Sarge. SN2 was at Department Head school in Newport a few (a bunch!) o' summers ago and TSMP and I went to visit over the Fourth. The parade was looong!

  2. FYI - Only 19 bombers remain. If the one that was half-destroyed in a fire at Guam gets rebuilt it will be back to 20. They spent million's getting it patched-up for a one-time flight to Palmdale.

    1. Thanks for that link, Anon. I knew about the fire, but, like others, I didn't know it was THAT bad.


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