Saturday, January 05, 2013


Ya gotta read quick to catch all this...

What's "The Killing," anyhoo?  It's kinda funny, none the less.

THIS is more my... wait for it... speed:

I think driver skill has more to do with the final results than the car itself (themselves?).  And where's the CTS-V?  How can you have the "World's Greatest Drag Race" without the world's fastest sedan?

There's more good stuff at the Usual Source for these thangs, srsly.  It was hard choosing just two out of this week's offerings.


  1. A blind guy could enjoy that vid just for the sound.

  2. Years ago there was a "Mad About You" episode where Paul had to interpret at a Chinese convention - it was very much like your first video and very funny.

  3. The driver definitely has a lot to do with the results, as does the type of race. From a stand still will produce different results for cars that have faster acceleration from the stop. I have driven a few of these cars, and they all have different characteristics for when they come into their own speed and acceleration wise.

    Take the BMW, though understand this is a 1 series M, so this was from a while ago (hence no Caddy being in there, though I don't think it would have done as well due to the slower start power from the stop than some of these others). The BMW doesn't have great gearing for the lower end. 1st runs out too fast, and 2nd is a little too slow to get the pick up going fast enough in this race. They tend to really accelerate faster once the RPMs are in the middle 3 - 4 K up to 6.5, but the limiter on it cuts engine power if you try to press it in the red zone. Not optimal for this type of racing.

    The Lotus is another that while it doesn't have the HP, it is so light a car that low end wouldn't do as well, yet the handling is what it is meant to really do well and accelerating out of a curve.

    Still it is cool to see these cars going at it at the same time, I personally would rather see a curvy race where its a test of handling as well as power, which would help negate some of the weaknesses of the cars from a dead stop, and test them for what they were built for, road driving.

    There I think the Caddy could hold it's own a lot better.

    1. Agreed on all counts, OG. Drag races have little value in the real world, other than stop-light contests which are usually over in about 200 feet or less.

    2. Wonder how the turbo-VW Bug would have done, lol.


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