Friday, January 18, 2013

On Board Red Bird III

That would be the private jet that flies the Red Wings... and the Detroit Tigers, whoever THEY are... around the country.

Nice ride, eh?  Mr. and Mrs. Ilitch sure treat their players well.


  1. You think THAT's luxury, you should see the digs that professional Basketballers get to enjoy on their pvt planes due to their much smaller squad size. HUGE lazy-boy type 360 swivel seats with unlimited leg-room, etc. Makes those larger-team plane layouts seem (actually are by comparison) positively cramped and not-so-special..

    1. There's also the fact that bassetball players need more space for their bling. Hockey players, not so much.

    2. @Buck - I still like this bird. Seems more cozy, ya know.

      @VX - Besides VX, we've both sat in Phantom cockpits (you to fly 'em, me to fix 'em) and I don't recall there being a whole lot of leg room in those birds. Just sayin'.

    3. I've peeked inside a Phantom cockpit, once upon a time. ;-)


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