Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Broadening Our Horizons, Episode LII

We've got chick flicks, chick cars, and now chick cigars...

See the bottom entry from Tina E., above, and click to embiggen if'n you can't read the copy.  Our latest cigar shipment was one of those 15-cigar samplers you see at lower left, which we bought mainly coz we love three of the five featured cigars, to wit: the Opulence 3, Red Eye, and the Dirt Torpedo... all of which have graced these pages before.  

That said, we're just in from the verandah where we put fire to one of those Moontrance sticks during today's Happy Hour.  I gotta say I really, rilly like the cigar.  One might could make the argument that the Moontrance would be a chick cigar, what with those Pina Colada like flavors, but I'm thinkin' those of us who enjoy gettin' outside the box will enjoy it, too... I certainly did, and I'm not alone.  My only criticism of this cigar is it's too damned short, what with it lasting only as long as it took me to finish my first beer.

But that's OK, coz it gives me an excuse to fire up a Red Eye to complete Happy Hour.  And we shall do just that... just as soon as I hit "Publish."

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