Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Dylan and The Band....

This is a take from the concert tour that produced the "Before the Flood" album... one of my all-time favorite albums.  Dang... I sure do miss my vinyl.


  1. The times they are a-changing...

    Last night, I'm watching "Jeopardy" with MY WIFE. The Final Jeopardy answer is this...

    "He has been a recipient of a Pulitzer and a Grammy, and he is also a member of both the Minnesota Hall Of Fame and the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame."

    Now, due to the nature of your posting, you know the answer. So did I. It's Dylan. I thought it was way too obvious for Final Jeopardy.

    I was wrong. Not a single one of the three contestants got it right. Two of them said "Who is Prince?".

    I almost threw a brick through the TV, but then I decided to tune in tomorrow and see if the new contestants might answer "Who is Al Gore?" if the answer is "He invented the printing press."

    1. As for throwing a brick... I've OFTEN thought about buying one of those rubber bricks just for times like that. Prince? Sheesh.

  2. Thanks for the memory of a great album and great song. I never owned "Before the Flood" but I have that song on a vinyl greatest hits album. I followed your link to the wiki article on the album and then jumped to another wiki article on the song. Dylan later said the process of composing "Like a Rolling Stone" involved taking ten minutes of vomit and turning it into a musical composition. Kinda nice description I thought.

    1. I highly recommend "Before the Flood," Dan... especially if you like The Band. It was a double album on vinyl and all of side three is nothing but The Band doin' some of their greatest hits. I don't usually like or recommend live albums but this one is one of the very few exceptions.


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