Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Ramirez

I got nuthin', other than this.  There are a few more union-related toons at the Usual Source for such thangs but Ramirez' was the best, as usual.

In other news... I'm kinda-sorta surprised at the level o' discomfort I'm experiencing following yesterday's dental procedure, which involved installing the "permanent" caps that will hold my implants when it comes time to finish this job.  Prior to yesterday I had what are known as "healing caps" in my lower jaw; they're gone now and the permanent caps are installed.  And giving me grief, they are.  So much so that we exhausted the rat-holed supply of industrial-strength pain killers left over from our last such experience (i.e., Percocet and Tylenol-3).  We're not doin' a whole helluva lot other than sleeping on the couch and seeing life through a glass, darkly.

This, too, shall pass.


  1. We went thru the whole 'implant' ordeal with 6F (our 17yo daughter) this past year (gettin' whacked in the mouth with a sled can do that to ya). Worked really well for her. . .

    1. This is my second time around with the implants... I had five done a couple o' years ago and they all worked out fine, too. I'm glad your daughter's did, as well.

  2. Ugh. Hope this finds you feeling better.

  3. Replies
    1. Hmmmmm....FORD. Sounds familiar.

      Oh yeah, that's the US Automaker that did not go begging from our kids, and your grandkids.

    2. How did that saying go? The grill of an Edsel "looked like an Oldsmobile sucking a lemon." LOL.

  4. Through a glass, darkly.

    Very nice Buck. Patton would be proud.

  5. Hang in there. I have no experience with such stuff, but call the Dr. if it does not get better.


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