Friday, November 09, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

It's a Lyle sorta day... we've loaded up the CD changer with nuthin' but Lyle and are enjoyin' it to the max, this bein' one such tune:

It's a busted old town
On the plains of West Texas
The drugstore's closed down
The river's run dry
The semis roll through
Just like stainless steel stallions
Goin' hard
Goin' fast
Goin' wild
Rollin' hard
Rollin' fast
Rollin' by
And me I stand here
At the last filling station
While the wind moans a dirge
To a coyote's cry
And I'm back in my car
And I'm out on the highway
Goin' hard
Goin' fast
Goin' wild 
That's me, more often than not.  (sigh)


  1. Thank you for that Buck. I forget about Lyle - he is a singular talent and I must make a Pandora station and add some songs to my iTunes. Perfect reminder.

  2. Great Lyle song, Buck. Thanks. Some good dobro work there as well as lead guitar. And the haunting lyrics remind me of the summer of '58 when I lived in a small dying TX town (it was in east TX though). Did Lyle write this or someone else?

    1. Someone else... Robert Earl Keen, whom I also like. A lot.


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