Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I came across this 'toon at the Usual Source for such thangs today...

... and then I wondered about Iron Dome's efficacy.  It turns out there are more than a few opinions on the subject and it doesn't surprise me that the Israelis would be tight-lipped on the subject.  OPSEC, and all that.  Of all the articles I read, this one appears to be the most accurate.  An excerpt:
But wait a second, what about the Iron Dome missile-defense system? Don’t the Israelis, helped by the Americans, have the technology that was almost completely effective at shooting down Hamas rockets? Yes, Iron Dome was almost completely effective–about 88 percent effective, in fact. That’s why only five Israelis were killed by rocket fire this year, whereas 44 Israelis were killed by similar barrages of rockets from Hezbollah in the 2006 Second Lebanon War.
The whole article is worth the read, coz it makes the case for missile defense... for both Israel and the US.


  1. I don't care how they do it - Israel has a right to defend herself against any and all aggressors.

    There, I said it out loud.

  2. And all the "really smart" people laughed at Reagan's ABM initiative, calling it unworkable and derisively labeling it"Star Wars"... Hit a missile with a missile? Right..

    (Although to be fair, hitting an IBM is a horse of a different color requiring as it does hitting it earlier which makes trajectory tracking more difficult, plus the problem of discerning among decoy warheads, etc.)

    1. There's still a LOT of that attitude extant. Fuckin' Obama cut missle defense funding severely and cancelled the airborne laser lab.


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