Sunday, November 25, 2012


The outcome of last night's game was in doubt until the final seconds... but all's well that ends well.  Which is NOT to say that we didn't have the odd moment or three where we clutched our chest and simply hoped our poor old heart would survive.  I'm speaking of that magnificent fourth quarter goal line stand, of course... USC ran four plays from the one-yard line and no TD.  Aiiieee!

On to Miami!


  1. Buck, from what I've seen, ND is a VERY GOOD, but not great football team. Of course, that may be "good enough" this year, but I wonder about their overall team speed. They didn't exactly look overpowering against USC. I'm thinking of LSU V. Ohio State when LSU dismantled OSU mainly due to team speed. An Alabama may present similar problems for the Irish. Enjoy it while it lasts! lol.

    1. I'll agree with you on most counts, Virgil. Not only has ND been "good enough" but they've also been lucky... which is to say they've benefited from a good amount o' Divine Intervention. But "good enough" is all it takes, sometimes. I think ND's defense is "good enough" and most certainly fast enough to de-fang whichever team from the SEC that's left standing after Atlanta.

      We shall see.

  2. Congrats to your Irish, Buck!

    I know it's been a long dry spell, and you've been a faithful homer. I love a homer, regardless of their favorites.

    I'm a little disappointed that the AP only has 5 SEC teams in the top 10, though. Sure hope my Tigers do better in the BCS rankings...which they will, due to the Suckeyes ineligibility...and I most CERTAINLY hope we end up ahead of the Cardinal.

    Regardless, in an undefeated season, some wins are close...and some are even undeserved (trust me, I know...been an LSU fan a looooooooooooong time). I didn't actually get to watch the game, but I'm glad y'all won. I hate USC, and after it became apparent that The Dame had a shot at the Title game, I really wanted them to get there.

    To get stomped by whichever SEC team wins next week.

    Okay...I'm a homer.

  3. To get stomped by whichever SEC team wins next week.

    Okay...I'm a homer.

    Heh. See above, particularly the "we shall see" bits.

  4. Buck, we certainly will. The games are not played in cyberworld. They still lace 'em up on the turf. I will respectfully disagree that ND's defense is fast enough to stay with 'Bama (they might be fast enough to stay with The Dawgz, though).

    It's gonna be a fun game.

    For somebody.


    I really hope 'Bama plays their best and stomps Georgia. Despite their near loss to my beloved Tigers, and their loss to the fAggies (BTW, we had beat the hell out of Corch St. Nick's crew the week previous to their one loss...don't tell me they had not yet recovered, and that had a good bit to do with it. I know we have not yet fully recovered from them beating the hell out of us, too. It was one of the best damn physical wars I've seen in years on the gridiron).

    Man! I LOVE College Football!!!

  5. Typo up there...well, not really a "typo," just tired and confused I guess.

    I meant to say that 'Bama was still smarting from the physical beating we gave them when they lost to the fAggies. probably already deciphered my gibberish and figured that out.

    I suck.

    1. probably already deciphered my gibberish and figured that out.

      That I did. You'll recall I watched the Tiggers-Bamanoids game and I was rooting for you. I'll be rooting for Jawja in the SEC conference game, mainly coz I think ND will afre better against those Dawgs. But... no nevermind. We'll win against either/or, coz like St. Lou said: ND is a team o' DESTINY this year.

    2. I love St. Lou.

      One of my favorite (scratch FAVORITE) characters to ever immerse himself in The Only Sport That Really Matters.

      Seriously...I LOVE the guy.

      I had a chance to meet him once when he was corching the Hawgz, but missed out due to having an employee that did not show up for work (hell, it's a long story).

      Gonna' be fun!

      Unless the Mayans were right.

  6. Congrats, Buck. I was very much rooting for ND. I had no desire whatsoever (sorry, Andy) to see two SEC teams in the championship again. And I will be rooting for ND again come the championship (again, sorry, Andy) because I am sick and tired of the SEC being automatically regarded as the uber-conference.

    (The SEC may BE better than others, but I want to see the winner of that conference play someone outside of the conference for the national championship, period. No matter what conference it is, I don't think the national championship should ever be a rematch game from within a single conference.)

    1. I'm in FULL agree ment, Jim. I get oh-so-frickin'-tired of hearing "SEC this, SEC that." It's PAST time someone takes 'em down a peg or three, and ND is the team to do just that.

      The Deity At Hand willin', of course.

    2. Suldog, no need to be sorry. I understand. It was really anticlimactic for even an SEC homer such as myself last season when two SEC teams paired off for the (fake) National Championship.

      Everybody knows that the REAL national championship is held every year in Atlanta after the SEC finishes up they biniss.

      So, I'm with you.

      I really am looking forward to this one (even more so than last season when I was sure my beloved LSU Tigers would stomp Corch St. Nick's Tide...I was rawwwwwwwng. Again). You're right, and I'm glad you're rooting for The Dame. But, you're wrong about being sick and tired of the SEC being automatically regarded as the uber-conference. And, I say that with all due respect...but facts are stubborn things. It is the "uber conference."

      BTW, we SEC homers get sick and tired of EVERY pre-season polling outfit placing 3 or 4 teams from the Pac-12, or 4 or 5 from the Big XII, or 2 or 3 from the ACC in the top 10...when we KNOW that by season's end, they will ALL have shown themselves to not have been worthy early on (think Oklahoma, USC, etc.)

      Until a conference can post champeenship, after champeenship, like my beloved SEC has...well...facts are stubborn things.

      Just sayin'...

  7. Okay!!!!! The BCS standings for Week 14 came out. My beloved Tigers finished at #7.

    I can live with that.

    Really exceeded my expectations coming in to the season (really). We might not actually get in to a BCS bowl game, due to the retarded rule of only 2 per conference allowed (if I remember right).

    But, we'll play somewhere against someone after the regular season (ho hum). And, we'll lick 'em good, too!

    Best thing is that we finished ahead of Stanford. It would REALLY SUCK to finish behind any other pac-twelve team than Oregon (they are really pretty good, and we all know that the pollsters MUST keep a team from the supremely inferior little12 high up in the polls, and I can live with it being The Ducks. It's some kind of an unwritten rule amongst poll voters or something).

    Dang! It's gonna suck when this season is over.

    Man...I love college football.

    1. Yeah, the season's winding down and that do suck. Especially since the NHL is still in the midst of a lock-out.

  8. Ahem indeed. Who woulda thunk it in September? Good on the Irish. But a day of reckoning cometh with either GA or Al.

    And speaking of the SEC, the Vanderbilt Commodores are 8-4. Not too shabby.

    1. I was kinda surprised by Vandy this year. I'm not an SEC homer (like SOME people), but I do watch all the highlights on Saturday nights. So yeah: Good On those 'Dores.

      As for the reckoning bits: We Shall See.

    2. Dan, I've been kinda' silent about the Commodes. But, congrats! I know it's tough when you're a homer for a perennial doormat. Well...I really don't "know," but I can imagine. Wait...#3 son wrestled in high school on a team that never won a tournament (rarely even a match). It was tough to go watch, so I do understand.

      8-4 is excellent! 5-3 in the SEC is NOTHING to sneeze at. They'll go to a bowl. Maybe even the Independence Bowl here in Shreveport.

      If it happens, you and Joyce MUST dine with us, and I'll escort you to the stadium and we will watch Vandy destroy some punk squad from the ACC!!!

  9. Well, congrats to yer Irish, for gettin' thru the regular part of the season with a clean slate. Yeah, you had to have more than a smidgen o' luck to get there, but that's how it goes. That's one stout defense they've got, there ('course, stifling my Spartans' offense has been distressingly easy to do, this year).

    Enjoy yer moment in the sun. Sorry, but I just can't see y'all beatin' the Bamanoids (comparative scores are almost meaningless, but check out what you both did against my Blue friends from down the road). Them Dawgs might be a different question (heck, my Spartans even beat 'em in last year's bowl game, so it can be done).

    But, as I'm fond of sayin', they play the games for a reason. So, in yer own immortal words, We Shall See. . .

    1. In re: comparative scores. That was Michigan's first game of the season; they almost lost to Air Force, at home, the following week. OTOH, they gave THE OSU a helluva run for their money... in Columbus... Saturday, almost pulling off the upset. So, yeah: meaningless.

      As for who ND plays in Miami: I'm with you, in that I would prefer to see Jawja. But as I said before: it makes no nevermind. The Irish will triumph!


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