Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Follow-Up To Yesterday's GOML Post

There was this, in comments:
AND they lie! My wife the RN recently booked a Motel/Hotel for a business meeting with other RNs thru Expedia via Kayak but failed to note that it was a non-refundable holiday special. (On her, live & learn--but expensive lesson, damnit) When one of the key speakers couldn't make it and my wife attempted to get them to simply re-apply the amt to a different day in the same week Expedia refused., claiming they were helpless as those were the conditions of that particular Hotel. When she contacted the place directly they told her that, sorry, they'd love to but those were Expedia's rules, not theirs. and Expedia controlled the internet credit-card booking process. (If she had but booked direct, sigh) "But they told me it was your conditions, my wife exclaimed. "I know," the reservation gal replied with an exasperated, resigned tone, "Unfortunately they lie all the time--they ALL do."

When do the bomb-making classes start, Buck?
  1. We're doin' out inter-tubes homework, as we speak. Been doin' it for some time now... my favorite recipe is Tide and gasoline in old whiskey bottles. ;-)
Heh.  I'm buildin' a cache:

And you thought I was KIDDING.

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