Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tonight's ADWH Soundtrack

Dido with a tune that's kinda jazzy, kinda laid back, kinda reminiscent of Former Happy Days...

I drank too much last night, got bills to pay 
My head just feels in pain 
I missed the bus and there'll be hell today  
I'm late for work again
And even if I'm there, they'll all imply  

That I might not last the day  
And then you call me and it's not so bad 
It's not so bad
And I want to thank you  
For giving me the best day of my life  
And, oh, just to be with you 
Is having the best day of my life
Yeah, it was like that... often.  These days?  Not so much.  No one's gonna fire me, but no one is gonna call me or stroke my forehead and tell me everythang's gonna be all right.  The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away... or so they say.

I mentioned in our first post today that we broke out our lil electric space heater for to warm our bones during last night's late night inter-tubes surfin' extravaganza.  So, we took said space heater out to the verandah this evening, given the fact it's just a wee bit chilly outside.  Like this:

The space heater... sitting mere inches from our frail lil bod... worked, but only in a manner that calls to mind standing before a campfire on a cold winter's evening.  To wit:  the front o' you is nice and toasty but yer ass is COLD.  And this in temperatures that could in no way be called "cold."

(sigh)  I'm already missing those warm summer evenings where we would sit on the verandah deep into the wee smalls and never feel a twinge o' chill.  And my mind turns, once again to stuff like this.  I think we'll do sumthin' in this space, and soon.


  1. Your comment about freezing on one side and frying on the other brings back memories of the WW II Quonset hut I was first assigned to @ RAF Bentwaters before I got into housing at RAF Woodbridge, so had to "commute" every day. Each hut was a "double in the form of an "L" with a kerosene metal barrel-shaped stove in the bedroom and living room only. Freeze or fry, lol. The bathroom had a bathtub but no heat--talk about steam when filled w. hot water on cold mornings! But even worse, the "john" was in a small separate slant-roofed UNHEATED shed-like slant-roof addition off the kitchen at end of one hut. TALK ABOUT BRISK@ o-dark thirty in winter!!!--especially when one had a 0600 T.O time and had to be at Woody for a 0500 brief!!! EVEN MORE "especially" as that first winter saw uncharacteristic British WX w. blizzards and temps below freezing. OUCH!!! LOL

    All the "privileges" of being an officer! LOL

  2. All the "privileges" of being an officer! LOL

    Which makes one wonder... if YOU lived like that, how did the Enlisted Swine live? ;-)

    1. Actually, pretty well, Buck. Single airmen & NCOs alike lived in pretty good two story dorm-like barracks while maried airmen/NCOs lived in multi-unit 2-story brick townhouses with married officers living in exact same type quarters. The Quonsets were only for single Officers, except for a few that were VERY temp for officers families in a separate section. Most of us stayed only briefly a few mos (me a year)but many single types assigned to the 91st/92nd TFS at Bentwaters stayed their whole 3 year tour because they were so convenient to tboth the flight-line and the O-Club across the road in the other direction. The Bentwaters side had a modern 2-story VOQ where barbershop was located while the Woody side had a 2-story modern BOQ where I ended up just across the parking-lot from the Multi Quonset-hut Woody O-Club--stumbling distance! I had a two-room deal meant for two w. bath in center connecting the two on 2nd floor. Very roomy digs, actually. Of course many--both married and single--lived off-base which had its own charms, but traffic on English roads--as you so well know--is a bear to fight every day both ways and the Brits were death on DUIs so knowing my own proclivities I opted for the convenience/"safety" of the BOQ. PLUS almost ALL the schoolies that taught at the dependent schools lived their as well, heh. Fox: meet hen-house. Plus an All-Ranks Club next door that kept later/earlier hours than our small dining facility at the Woody club. We'd go there for Sunday brunch or late night snacks/drinks. Only seperate NCO & Enlisted clubs were all on Bentwaters side. So, yeah, I rubbed shoulders with the "enlisted swine" quite a bit @ Woody--ALWAYS good to keep on their good side--ESPECIALLY when they're responsible for making sure one's plane doesn't break at "inconvenient" times, lol.

    2. Came back to see if you'd read yet and caught a "fo paw" I rarely type , should be: "...lived there as well..." viz "their" how in the world did I EVER do THAT?

    3. You're a smart man when it comes to considering your housing options. And I'm extremely fortunate I did three years in Ol' Blighty without a DUI bust. My commute to Uxbridge from High Wycombe was 15 miles, one way, and I ALWAYS made the return trip after Happy Hour at the Site Lounge. According to The Wiki... Bismarck is said to have remarked, just before his death, that there was a special providence for drunkards, fools, and the United States of America. I benefited from two outta three there... some might say all three.

  3. The cool weather was welcome here. The wind quit blowing on Sat and Sun making for a nice weekend. Maybe you'd better get that fancy heater if you are planning on sitting outside this winter.

    1. Yeah... I'm seriously considering that heater.


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