Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Buck Stops... Where?

There are lots of 'toons in the same vein today at the Usual Source for such things, but Ramirez' was the best... as usual.

While we're on this subject, the Benghazi mess was the one area where Romney blew it last night.  I think he looked more like a guy trying too hard to score points rather than MAKE a point... and there was a point to be made here.  And don't get me started about Ms. Crowley.  Just DON'T.

Still and even, I rate the debate as a draw.  Obama was certainly better this time around, while Romney wasn't worse... except as noted above.


  1. Thing is, Obama and Cow both lied about what was said. Read the whole transcript or view the video of the Rose Garden talk from Obama and he never says the Bengazhi attack was a terrorist attack. He never linked the two for over a week +.

    The Cow herded things away from Fast and Furious.

    The Cow also admitted afterward, once it was seen how blatent it was how she was for Obamster, that her slap at Romney was wrong. In other words a lie.

    The Lybia issue will continue to generate a lot of talk because of what she and Obamster did. Obamster lied many times throughout the debate, but then, he does that all the time so he is well practiced.

    I think the performance was even. However, this debate swayed people on either voting for Romney or staying home. It didn't change the base. It did change those who were probably not going out of their way to vote for the Obamster again, to a vote for insuring him out.

    This debate also had a house that was probably 80% Obama voters, (horsechit on them being undecided, this was their chance at getting on TV!)

    Obama has his ratings go down the more he is seen. This debate, his eye candy appearances, are all negative aspects.

    Obama will next launch an attack on Lybia to get the vote... errr .... to show he is punishing the freedom fighters.... errr... terrorists. Like Clinton bombing that asprin factory.

    Obamster lied about the oil situation. US oil production is up, but only on private lands. It is exactly as Romney said it was.

    At this point, a draw, which "swing voters" on most channels moved the bar toward Romney, is still a loss by Duh Once.

  2. I think the Buck stops in Portales.

    Didn't watch the debate...already know who I'm voting for, and watching ObozO for over twelve seconds makes me vomit. Watched a DVD courtesy of The Netflix... "Bernie." It was pretty dang funny. Had a lot of local flavor, seeing as it was about the guy who killed a wicked old bitch, and put her in a freezer over in Carthage, TX (not far from Andy's Place). The story made local headlines, of course. But, watching the film (starring Jack Black, Shirley McClain, and Matthew Mcconaughey) really made me least two dozen locals from Carthage were in the film (speaking at length)...

    Gotta love them wacky East Texans!

    The reviews of the debate I have read don't give me cause to think anything has changed...I think everybody has already decided who they are going to vote for. Those that say they are still "undecided" are doing it to get attention, IMH(expert)O. Romney's gonna win.

    Batten down the hatches!!!

    1. The Buck DOES stop in P-Ville. It's apparently stuck there, too.

      Texans are Good People. I know, I useta be one.

  3. Yep -- the debate was a draw, and Mitt shoulda hit the Libya issue harder. I imagine he will in Monday's foreign policy dog-and-pony show.

    Good Ramirez. Hillary has already announced she's outta there come next year. It didn't ding her a bit. I wonder if BO offered her a Supreme Court seat in exchange for her mea culpa?

    1. You just sent shivers down my spine with the Hillary/Supremes thought...


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