Friday, October 19, 2012

Last Night In NYC

Mitt Romney, showing his better and VERY humorous side:

There are almost too many zingers to count, but I particularly liked "Big Bird never saw it coming."

The h/t goes to Occasional Reader Rob in the SFO Bay Area SSR.


  1. Replies
    1. Wasn't it? I also liked his closing remarks about how one can disagree with policy but not get personal about it, something The One otta take to heart. Rumor has it that Obama has little or no respect for Romney.

    2. Debbie (almost) Does Dallas22 October, 2012 09:12

      I hadn't seen this before, thanks for posting it Buck. Fantasticly funny and I agree with you regarding his closing remarks.

  2. The jokes were great and his delivery was right on the mark. That "stiff" "impersonal" image the O camp tried to stick to him was blown away in the debate and with this vid.

    1. Yeah, but now O has "Binders" o' stuff on Romney.

    2. Debbie (almost) Does Dallas22 October, 2012 09:16

      The "Binders" was great fodder for our ol' friend Lori on FB.

    3. You know Lori, Debbie (almost)? Wow... the plot has thickened!


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