Saturday, September 01, 2012


Damn that fanboi company, anyway!

And then there's this...

... which is better than the original by an order o' magnitude.  At least.  Axl?  Is that you?

From the Usual Source.


  1. Never have actually listened to a song by Guns and Roses.

    I'm behind the curve with MANY of my blog friends on that one. "Axl"...the name is familiar.

    I guess I had too much junk going on when they were a couple of young boys to feed, and house, and worry about...and a young wife drop dead gorgeous, and ALMOST drop dead worn out.

    Or, maybe I was listening to Country, or something else...maybe "oldies," which included Sinatra at that time.

    But, if that's the best they've got...well...I'm glad I had better things to do.

    Just sayin'...

    BTW...I really liked the Star Trek video of Apple beating the shit out of the universe.

    Somebody's gotta do it...

    1. Axl is Axl Rose, lead singer for GnR and you haven't missed a whole helluva lot by not hearing GnR. They were a boil on the ass o' rock 'n' roll in the late '80s and '90s... thankfully fading into irrelevance and obscurity in the Oughties.

      Apple is evil. Anyone or anythang that would willfully kill Capt. Picard and crew is, by definition, evil.

    2. Heh!

      Imma trust you on that one, my friend...

      (Actually, I did know who Axl was...just never listened to anything he sang. Until today. Bunch of my friends...real life, and virtual...did. My eyes just usually glaze over, and I get the thousand yard stare when they mention it).

      The Apple is not so much evil. They employ Filipinos, for heaven's sake! And, Chinese folks that would otherwise be trying to lasso ducks.

      Think about it. "EVIL?" Well...probably...

  2. Huell Howswer is a national treasure... really. He is like that every time I see him (and he's on the local PBS station every day except Saturday). The guy has so much positive energy that it drives folks nuts.

    1. I'd never seen Mr. Howswear until today. I don't think my PBS station carries his stuff.

    2. Probably not... he can't seem to find his way out of California, but he covers it from corner to corner, dredging up all manner of information. Some one could create a Trivial Pursuit - Huell Howser edition that nobody could win

  3. Never been a GnR fan, but that was a fun contraption.

  4. True genius (which, of course, means it has about 1/10000 of the audience of the original.)


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