Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Not Exactly Broadening...

... but a seasonal tasting and comparison.  Which is to say this:

That would be a Shiner Oktoberfest, back-to-back with a Sammy Adams Octoberfest brew.  My go-to guys, when it comes to beer, have this to say...

About the Shiner:
Extremely clean and very drinkable. Just as smooth as it is crisp. Well balanced from malt sweetness to toasted flavors to bittering hops. A happy brew to knock back.
And about Sammy Adams' brew:
A tasty choice this year, its good to have a fresh O-fest rather than getting burned by a stale imported O-fest that has been sitting around since last year. A great contrast to some crab cakes with some homemade spicy remoulade sauce.
Well, we're decidedly lacking in the crab cakes department but we have us a good supply of both these brews. The Bros rate both of these beers as "Good," and there's precious little difference between either beer when it comes to the scores.  As fer me?  I prefer the Shiner.  That said, I'm glad I'm able to partake of both these brews, which are VERY worthy.

Our soundtrack today is Pandora's Don Henley station.  I find it very strange that I didn't record one single Eagles album before I shipped the vinyl off to SN2 for safe keeping back in 1999.  We've been listening to Henley a lot during the past 48 hours and enjoying the Hell out of it, too.  Mebbe we'll put a vid up later, but in the meantime it's back outdoors to continue as we've begun.


  1. Toby is still brewing all sorts of beers - "staying ahead of the game" as he calls it.

  2. Never tried either version, but in general I prefer Shiner, which has a slightly sharper, "cleaner" taste than does the more "rounded" Sam Adams--but both are a cut above your average bear of a brew..

    1. They're both excellent, Virg. You should pick up a sixer... of either one or both.

  3. PS: I like the shape of Shine's bottle better too--more in keeping with the "long-neck" tradition, lol.


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