Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

James McMurtry...

Beer cans to the ceiling
ashtray on the floor
laundry on the sofa
need I say more
I walked out with my hair wet
I caught one awful cold
should have been more careful
should have done like I was told
I can't believe it
how could it be
just like you said could happen
so it did to me
Just when I might have seen the light of day
I crossed my eyes 'til they stayed that way

I keep my distance
as best I can
living out my time here in Never Never land
I can't grow up
'cause I'm too old now
I guess I really did it this time, Mom
Mom would understand... she never did grow up, either.  

Those Manhattans are goin' down easy this afternoon.  We shoulda took pictures, but we were more concerned with gettin' down to it than doin' that artsy-fartsy thang.  But wait!... there's this from the interregnum:

That would be just before we set out on Round II, which is comin' up as soon as we put this post to bed.


Update, 15 minutes later:  Well, OK... if you insist.

Once again: Prosit!


  1. "Laundry on the sofa"

    LOL. I have a never-married good friend in Louisville who is a horse trainer/restauranteur/Rock& Roll band leader-singer (GREAT front-man, btw)who went thru two long--very long-- live-in "arrairs" with two dynamite women, but alas the domestic life was not for him. He's been "single" for almost 20 yrs now. Last time I talked to him he said: " I've reverted to my true nature--my apt is furnished in early Good-Will, I leave my underware on the floor and scratch myself any time I want." LOL (he's very wealthy, btw) "Peter Pan" is right up his alley..

    1. Hmmm. This guy sounds like a brother from different mothers.

  2. Your booze combo looks dangerous. Manhatten, right?

    I haven't grown up, either. 'Would rather have fun. http://youtu.be/8bf7wIbN11M

    1. Didja miss this part? "Those Manhattans are goin' down easy this afternoon. ;-)

      Nice Ramones tune!

    2. Yeah, I sped-red passed the Manhattan word. Sorry for being thick!

  3. Larry McMurtry is very much like all Austin singer/songwriters. I like him, but I wonder if he had not had a famous dad, would he have been given much notice. He did did a stint of time in Red River - the Never Never Land of all time.

    1. I think Larry would have made it on his own, with or without the famous name. I really like his work. I think a lot of the Austin crowd has spent time in RR, no?


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