Saturday, August 11, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack...


One year later I left Houston
With an old friend by my side
Well it did not say much
But it was a beauty
Of a coal black .45


And as she stood there at the altar
All dressed in her gown of white
Her face was bright as stars a'shining
Like I'd dreamed of all my life

And they kissed each other

And they turned around
And they saw me standing in the aisle
Well I did not say much
I just stood there watching
As that .45 told them goodbye
I've always loved this song, for the sentimentality that's in it. free smileys

We kicked off Happy Hour early today, mainly coz it's gonna be a hot one (forecast: 104), so it's best to get the beer drinkin' done while the temps are fairly reasonable.  Apropos o' weddings... there's a big one at the little church next door today... "big" as in a completely full parking lot, with overspill out on the street.  It's the first time I've seen that many people at this church.  With no .45s, hopefully.

Update, 1455 hrs:   It was a funeral next door, and a big one.  RIP, whomever.  You got a great send-off.


  1. Anderson is 105 at this moment (3pm PDT).
    Boston is 75 (6pm EDT)

    I'm glad I'm in Boston... even if it does rain. I hope, for Suldog's sake, it doesn't. He's playing softball tomorrow and it's miserable to catch when there're puddles at home plate.

    1. It me 75 here sometime after midnite. Mebbe. Enjoy Bahston and say "hi" to Jim if ya get to see him.

    2. Argh. It MIGHT HIT 75...

    3. I'm gonna try to sneak up on him tomorrow morning.
      We're definitely enjoying Bahston...
      and there's a short story about the neighborhood we're in. Even at 75 degrees it was HOT.


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