Saturday, August 04, 2012


In honor of the Olympics... an oldie:

But it's a goodie, innit?  It's slim pickin's at the viral vid sites today.  We went to our third string provider for what you see above and you'll note it's been around for-freakin'-ever (over five million views!).


Apropos o' not much... our fears didn't materialize yesterday, as it never even got to 90 degrees after the rain.  I went out and had a couple o' beers and a cigar on the verandah after posting my update to the "rain" post and it was very comfortable outdoors... with a few more passing cloudbursts to enjoy, even.  After Dinner Whiskey Hour was most enjoyable, as well, beginning at around 80 degrees at 1830 hrs and dropping into the mid-70s by the time I returned indoors.  That was a nice lil break, but it's back on our heads today—104 is the forecast.

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