Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good Stuff, Maynard

So we chased the links in this lil blurb from The Shoebox blog's "Newsdroppings..."
In an uplifting story, a blind horse is helping disabled riders. Meanwhile, wild horses keep trying to drag people away.
The blind horse bit is good, but the "Wild Horses" performance is the BEST I've ever seen of my second-favorite-ever Stones song (plus the fact I'd never seen this particular performance) (my fave?  This.).  The singin' and playin' is simply brilliant... particularly Keef and Ronnie Wood.

OK, I'll give ya the fact that Jagger emotes a lil too much.  But that's a nit, Gentle Reader.


  1. You drunk already, Buck, lol. You just eliminated my comment on rain and the whole rain post as a separate post & combined the rain vid with the one w. Keith& W. Horses on your home page--except the rain vid doesn't show up like the 'Horses one does when I hit comments to make notes here. Get with the program! LOL!

    1. What the HELL are you on about, Virgil? I see my "Rain" post just fine and you have no comments in spam. The two vids aren't combined when I look at the blog... just who's drunk, I ask?

  2. Replies
    1. It's amazin' how Americanized English rock 'n' rollers can sound when singin', ain't it? Now it's an entirely different thang when they're talkin'!

  3. I'm going to put on my crumudgeon jacket, but this stones video is really what music is all about. That hollywood/abbey road crap of mixing tapes sent from 10 different studios in five different countries, only produces CRAP.

    Everyone is adding something listenable. Such talent is fun to watch and listen to. Sure you have to mix it, but they're all in one room, playing at the same time. That adds a lot of energy for me.

    1. I'll agree, to a point. MY pet peeve about the music biz is the demise of the CD and the rise of the mp3, mainly because we now have a whole generation who's heard nothing but compressed-out-the-ass mp3's with about half the dynamic range of a CD. I hope I die before CD's go the way of Betamax tapes and audio cassettes.

    2. sans compressed19 August, 2012 13:29

      You might be interested in:

      They have 8-bits more amplitude and 96 kHz and 192 kHz sampling. Big files!
      I haven't ordered anything yet, as my computer audio is 16 bit anyway.

      Supposedly made from master tapes, not just oversampled CD.

      I told them I want some French music. Maybe start with Petula Clark and Mireille Mathieu :-)

    3. Well, it's good to know someone is keeping the faith in the "new" format. I wish 'em all the luck in the world but I have my doubts as to how successful they'll be. It's one thing to have high-fidelity files, it's quite another thing to have high-fidelity sound capability out of yer average computer and/or mp3 player.


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