Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tonight's After Dinner Whiskey Hour Soundtrack...

So... there we were, sitting out on the verandah, getting quietly and pleasantly in our cups, listening to Pandora's Matchbox 20 station.  And then this came on:

Tonight was the first time I'd ever heard this tune, but it ain't the first time I've ever heard this speech.  I heard it (again) just recently, as a s'matter of fact... like this:
She: I'm VERY liberal.
Me: I know.  What I don't understand is how a good conservative girl like you could go so wrong, so quickly.
She:  I used to follow directions well; I don't any longer.
Me:  What does that mean?
She: (Standing up abruptly... and departing, leaving me with my mouth hanging open)  I shared too much and I don't want or need YOU to tell ME about me.
So we were thinkin'... did The Second Mrs. Pennington write this tune?  Is she getting royalties?  And why am **I** not getting a piece of the action?

Sigh.  I guess the theme is much more universal than I wanna believe it is.  But the song DID make me grin.  In an evil sorta way.


  1. I listened to the song. Sounds like the writer wanted an excuse to dump male and replace with an edgy female.

    I don't want or need YOU to tell ME about me...

    Sometimes our significant others do share too much. I got that same sort of line/message in 1989. She had no idea that my decision to leave California for Florida was formulated in the time it took to digest the first sentence. And I was to travel Alone.

    I left without saying good bye, I just smiled and waved pleasantly as she drove away to the store.

    1. I left without saying good bye...

      That's the way my last relationship ended. But I didn't go far enough away and she chased me down. To no avail, however. It was over.

  2. We women live in a room with a lot of furniture. We move it around often. Don't trip over it.

    1. Boy is THAT ever a classic statement! LOL.

    2. You wimmen have a LOT o' baggage when you travel, too. It gets heavy.

  3. Opinions are cool...
    ...judgments, harsh

    1. So I guess opinionated judgments are right out, then? ;-)

  4. I just got to see the video on this (blocked at work). This song resonates for me from a different view that a woman fighting with a man. It became my "personal power song" about 3 years ago after some pretty nightmarish family issues. Lots of material in those lyrics that applied to me talking to my family.


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