Monday, July 30, 2012

Tonight's ADWH Soundtrack...

Leon Redbone...

I want to be seduced, I want a woman to take me out to dinner for two
I want to see her eyes gettin' moody,
Flirtin' with the thought of what flirtin' can lead to
I want to act real cool, have her think about gettin' little me in bed
Have a chat about Magna Charta, or Puerto Vallarta, or somethin' Gandhi said

I might demur politely, falter slightly, if she starts to fondle my knee,

But I'm relatively certain I'd compromise if I know me

I want to be seduced, I want a woman to talk to me suggestively

I want to hear her say she'll be with me tomorrow morning,
Drinking hot jasmine tea

I want her to make me laugh, make a point of touching me when she talks

Leaving all the jealous guys in the joint to mumble in their beer and gawk
I LOVE the lyrics to this tune.  It's funny, and not funny ha-ha, but I never got the sorta of reaction I WANTED when I played this lil ditty for the then-object-o'-my affections in the wayback.  Unless you consider uproarious laughter "desirable," which I did, on occasion.

Well... the heat o' the day has passed and now it's time to retire to the verandah and think about gettin' seduced. 


  1. Leon is smoooth! Great song, but the boy must be dreaaming!!!!

    1. Oh, I dunno. I've been seduced before. It DOES happen, believe it or don't.

  2. ",,,it DOES happen.."

    Have *I* got a

    1. Well? Cat got yer tongue?

    2. OK, since YOU asked..

      LSU had just completed the new Student Union my soph year and it had several large (complete with sofas, chairs, etc.) music listening rooms (where the bowling alley is now) which were quite the ""cutting edge" in a day when quality stereo was in its infancy. It became quite the social thing to go there to study and/or meet wimmins, etc.) One day at lunch in the Fraternity house the guys were talking about this weird knock-out blond that kept hanging around the rooms drawing portraits of people on her notepad. I promptly forgot about, tho. A couple of days later (this was around finals time) I was over studying to some great background progressive Jazz when I sensed something odd. I looked up and there was this blond (Great Face AND Body) sitting RIGHT in front of me on a stool she had drawn up and sketching/drawing ME. Natch, I couldn't resist the opportunity, so managed to get her aside in a more secluded spot and asked her what she was doing. She gave me some general BS about socio/anthropological "studies" and showed me her "portfolio" which was only a couple of steps above stick figures. A Head Case I immediately surmised. One such "portrait" showed two couples performing the sex act--"coupling" as it were. I observed (correctly, I might add) that there were some aspects of the positions of the limbs that were not quite anatomically correct. "Perhaps then you'd like to show me the correct position", came the demure reply. (AT that point I KNEW I had a keeper!) "Why yes, yes of course, I wouldn't mind" I replied trying to keep a straight face. Well, one thing led to another and we made a date for that Friday. She then asked me to walk her back to the dorm as it was near curfew/"lock-up" time for all young co-eds/debutantes." Upon arrival we retired to one of the dorms "conversation rooms" where demure young lasses were supposed to "entertain gentlemen." (remember, were talking 40, 50 mores which were still much en vogue in the 1963 South--at least for types like the Dean of Women, who was still stuck in the 30s, lol) She quickly pushed me up against the wall out of sight of the open doorway (i.e., no door) and did all but rip my clothes off.--a taste of things to come!!??

      But I had a couple of problems. I had no car and lived in a dorm. SOooo, first I borrowed a car from a frat brother, but couldn't manage the apt, so was stuck w. the "backseat") Second, it was the night of my honors English final. You can imagine how focused I was on THAT final--I rushed thru the essay and OUT THE DOOR!

      Epilogue: As the Dorm Proctor across the hall (A catcher on the BB team who would later become a roommate and good friend) was rubbing lotion across my badly scratched back the next am he casually intoned (ala Jimmi Hendricks): "Well, I can see you've had YOUR fun--Jesus!!--BTW, what's her name?" LOL!

      PS: She was a Preacher's daughter from Shreveport! Honest Injun! AND, the second Preacher's daughter from Shreveport that I became involved with--the first was the 1st gal (tho a brunette) I dated when I got to LSU. LOL. What are the odds??

    3. I did ask. And I wasn't disappointed, either. I was always enamored with Good Catholic Girls, meself. Most of the ones I knew were good, indeed. ;-)

  3. Ah, yes, we all dream of being seduced, don't we? Yes, it does happen, but not nearly often enough...

    1. And not nearly often enough by the RIGHT sorts. ;-)

  4. Replies
    1. Heh. I won't argue that point.


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