Tuesday, July 03, 2012

So There's This...

... from an Occasional Correspondent:
From: Occasional Correspondent
Date: Sun, Jul 1, 2012 20:02
Subject: I miss Detroit
To: Me
Last week I was in Charlotte and I saw a bumper sticker on a parked car that read
"I miss Detroit". 
So I broke the window, stole the radio and left a note that read "I hope this helps."
To which I replied:
Heh.  Along those same lines... I got a Romney bumper sticker in the mail this week.  I thought about putting it on the Caddy before I went to ABQ this week... but, no.  I don't want my new car keyed. 
And she came back with:
A wise move, my dear.   I think you would have way more fun driving to Santa Fe and leaving it on the bumper of  a Prius.
That's a GREAT ideer, but Santa Fe is a lil far for a prank.  So we changed our mind, sorta: 

Tempting fate, is what I'm doin'.


  1. Well, you're NO fun at ALL!

    Oh, and at first glance, I thought the name on your dealer plate frame was actually a personal mission statement. I rather liked it.

  2. Oh, and at first glance...

    Well, now that ya mention it... ;-)

  3. LOL. 'Cause I wuz thinkin' you were channelling/paying hommage to BENDER, the beer-swilling, cigar-smoking robot from the cartoon series Futurama. Ever watch it? Not only "Bender" but the entire cast is a gas and the entire series is almost "Bullwinkian" in it's tongue-in-cheek subversive political satire.

    1. Ummm... how old is Futurama? (I never saw it, btw) Could I have been a role-model and not even known it? I might need an attorney.

  4. The neat thing about bumper stickers is that, as opposed to tattoos, they are easily removed ...painlessly.

  5. I've never put a political sticker on my car, but I love the idea of putting one on someone else's vehicle.


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