Monday, July 23, 2012

Nostalgia of a Different Sort

I went searching in my back pages a lil while ago looking for a specific item relating to my dental history and came upon this lil blurb and a couple o' pics:
Today's Pics, Self-Indulgent Division: Well, Hell… Virtually ALL my pics are self-indulgent in one form or another. But today I'm posting the full-sized, unedited version of the pic I use on both my Blogger and Twitter profiles, plus an outtake from the same session.
Both pics were taken at an RV park just outside Oklahoma City in the Spring of 2000 (in April, to be exact). Note the old technology… which is to say humongous… cell phone sitting on the picnic table. And speaking of old technology, both pics are first-generation digital pics... taken with my old one-megapixel Kodak point and shoot, with a quality commensurate with the age.

These pics were taken back in the day when the view from the verandah changed on a frequent basis… like every week or so… sometimes more, sometimes less. It all depended on how much fun I was having wherever I happened to be…
I remember taking those pics (since replaced on both referenced profiles) and I remember all TOO well that life on the road was one whole helluva lot o' fun, at the time.  But I'm thinkin' it would be much less fun these days.  I'll take... and love... today's fixed view from the verandah.  That said, I'm glad I had that year when I ran away from home.  It was good to get away.

Well I always say, it would be good to go away
But if things don't work out like we think
And there's nothing there to ease this ache
But if there's nothing there to make things change
If it's the same for you, I'll just hang 

Yup, we did hang... on the road.


  1. I always told my girls that Home is where the piano is. Now we're contemplating selling the piano. I wonder if it will warp my kids?

    Great pics.

    1. Prolly not, in all seriousness. But... with tongue in cheek... yer girls COULD show up at some stranger's home, all confused.

  2. "...view from the veranda."

    Veranda!!! VERANDA??? Talk about guilding the Lilly! You sound like you're sitting there in a white suit sipping juleps while sniffing the scent of the magnolia trees wafting thru the air, for chrissake! Either that or somewhere in SEA or old S. Africa or parts of S. America drinking G&Ts while admiring the Bougenvillia, rather than perched on the windy, dusty, high dry-hot parched plains of NM sitting on a concrete slab! ('Course you DO have Pink Flamingoes, so there's that.. LOL)

    Of course right niow I'm composing this while cruising the Med on the deck of my 1977 113'8" yacht the Zulu Sea (it of the all-importanr 4000nm cruising range)downing mass quantities of Barbancourt, right?:)

    (Well, OK, but at least the part about the mass quantities of Barbancourt is true.. :) )

    1. "Concrete slab" to YOU, verandah to me... and that's verandah with an "H," thankee. It's covered, there are gentle breezes, it's warm, it's comfortable, there are suitable libations and plenty of 'em, and occasionally there are hot and cold running wimmen thereupon (mostly of the cold sort, however). ALL the qualities for a of a proper verandaH, in other words.

  3. PS: WHERE did Matchbox 20 get my picture!!!

    1. LOL--at first glance I actually briefly thought it was a pic of John Goodman!--the rough resemblance of his visage is there, especially if given just a cursory glance, no?

  4. Those pics make me nostalgic, too. 'Cuz the picnic table looks a lot like the ones my late father's (defunct) steel company used to make and sell to parks all over the place.

    1. I might have taken my my morning coffee and cigar at one of your father's tables, Inno. Most of the parks I stayed in had tables of this sort.

  5. Hoyt Axton song - one of my favorites:

    Take a bridge across a river wide
    Everybody's goin on the road
    Glad it's on the other side of the highway
    Weighed less'cause I eased my burden
    Pick a day for certain and you'll lighten up your load
    You can take a lady or a dog if you wanna
    Everybody goin'on the road


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