Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I (Almost) Got Nuthin'

We had a bad night last evening, the upshot of which was we didn't get to sleep until after 0500 hrs.  We've only just now finished our first cup and had seriously considered blowing this whole blog thang right the hell off for the day.  But just then the Brown Truck O' Happiness pulled up outside and the friendly driver hands me this package from Cadillac.  "Hmmm," sez I, "I wonder what this could be?"

It's a box o' Firsts.  "Hunh?" sez you?  No, really.

Each little compartment is labeled "Open after..." or "Open before..."  Some of these events have already transpired, so the Caddy people are just a lil bit late.  If I led a normal life I'm quite sure ALL of these things would have happened already, coz The Tart has been with me for a lil over a month now.  Be that as it may, I chose to open the compartment labeled "Open after first road workout."

I should have known.  My "road workout" was on the super-slab, not in the twisty-turnies.  I HAVE taken The Tart into a few corners at speed and she reacts well... which is to say she holds a line well, gives good feedback from her steering (which is heavier than I like, but not bad), and minds her manners.  My only criticism: the StabiliTrak system comes on too early sometimes and cuts power just when you wanna hang the rear end out a lil bit.  But the good news is you can always switch the system off.  Oh.  What was in that compartment, you ask?  This.  Heh.

So.  My customer satisfaction index is pretty high right now, especially with all these nice lil surprises from Dee-troit I keep getting in the mail. 


  1. Vaporiser dans mon visage24 July, 2012 15:23

    Ahhh, French Alps. I was just watching glider videos from around Sisteron, France. I was actually thinking about flying there this week to see Mimi sing in church, and see her sister Sophie's Art show. Then my boss said "you ain't going anywhere till you reach your next milestone!"

    Ah well, they are probably talking more like Mount Blanc or nearer the Swiss and Italian Alps...

    Maybe I'll go buy some and spray my face instead... I hope my translation isn't from a sex video...

    1. I hope my translation isn't from a sex video...

      Heh. I think not. I got a kick outta that Amazon link... and I'm thinkin' if my friends saw me with this spray bottle in hand they'd die laughing.

    2. Too late. I already have, virtually that is.

  2. So they have to BRIBE you to drive the damn thing, eh, Buck? lol...actually my Dad drove a Caddy until he died--he loved 'em. (Dad progressed old-school style: As a college coach post WW II he started out in Fords, migrated to Dodge in '59, then to Chrysler in 64, then to the GM side in Buick Riverias (the orig large ones) sometime in the 70s(post 74?) (after he & Mom retired--hazy here)and finally Caddy's--the old American "progress up the ladder" played out..Detroit Iron all the way (tho he DID flirt with a foreign temptress when he bought a new red MG Sprite convert as "his" car in '64 (the family 2nd car, Mom drove the Chrysler--the 1st "new" 2nd car the family ever owned)

    1. More like REWARD me, Virgil. I couldn't ever see myself in a Caddy until the CTS came along... but I love this car. So far.


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