Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Couple o' USAF Items

From the Usual USAF Source, of course.  First, more on the Russkis at Red Flag:
More Details on "Nyet Flag": Russian news reports—and other news outlets that picked up the story last week—claiming that Russia would send fighters to an upcoming Red Flag exercise are "a complete fabrication," said Air Force spokeswoman Jennifer Cassidy. Russia was indeed supposed to send "working-level observers" to last month's Red Flag-Alaska 12-2, but their participation was canceled "due to reciprocity issues," she told the Daily Report on July 9 without elaboration. Observers at this "unit leadership" or "worker bee" level normally watch the exercise in order to prepare for possible full participation a year in advance, she explained. However, Red Flag participation by actual Russian air force fighters and strike aircraft "was never considered," she said. And, "no further . . . observation/participation" by the Russian air force in Red Flag "is planned at this time," she noted. Nevertheless, a Russian air force one-star general did watch the June exercise as part of an executive observer program. The Air Force could not immediately say whether this was the first time a Russian air force general observed a Red Flag at any level.
—John A. Tirpak 
The photo as captioned at Air Force Magazine: "Here, Col. Marc Caudill (left) speaks to the head of the Russian air force, Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin, before Zelin's tour of an E-3 AWACS aircraft at the 2012 Singapore Air Show in Changi, Singapore, Feb. 15, 2012."

And then there's this...
Tiny Air Commandos Invade Hurlburt: Air Force Special Operations Command recently hosted its first-ever "Bring Your Child to Work Day" at Hurlburt Field, Fla. "Everyday we drop our kids off at daycare and kiss them goodbye in the morning," said event organizer Capt. Kristina Sawtelle in a July 9 Hurlburt release. She added, "This event takes the mystery out of what mommy and daddy do." The honorary air commandos began their day with physical training by running in formation with their family members. From there, it was off to the headquarters building for a pancake breakfast. The kids then rotated between an AFSOC command brief, an air park tour, and a battlefield airman exhibit showcasing special tactics gear. "I really appreciate that the command takes an interest in the families and makes them a priority," said SMSgt. Samel Brown, a security forces airman, who brought his five-year-old daughter Aniah to the June 29 event. (Hurlburt Field report by Rachel Arroyo)
Cute, eh?  No word whether or not the tykes were given KA-BAR training. 

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  1. "Take Your Kid to Work Day" reminds me of this picture that I took a the air show last Oct.


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