Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tonight's After Dinner Whiskey Hour Soundtrack...

The lovely Ms. Osborne, from the album "Relish."  (PLEASE ignore the visuals... except for Kelly McGillis, possibly... it's the music we're on about here.)

I'm naked in a hotel room
My station comin' in comin' in loud and clear
I'm makin' out with my one true love
I'm makin' this hotel room disappear

Stop feelin' sorry for me

I hate that look on your face
You say just let go
You say come back home
I say I'm just fallin' from grace


See love comes down any way it wants to
Doesn't ask for your permission 
It's that last line I quoted that's profound.  The classic version is "we don't choose love, love chooses us" but I think I like Joan's take better.


  1. Was Kelly McGillis in that video? I guess I was too busy watching all the Navy bods.

    1. Navy? There were Navy types there? I had my eyes shut most o' the time.


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