Saturday, May 26, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Wherein Keef does his best Al Green...

It's not we don't have the time
Make no mistake
Not in the right place
make no mistake, make no mistake
Ooh come on baby, make no mistake
No mistake
I'm talking to ya baby
Make no mistake
Oooooh.  Sarah Dash.  BAY-bee!  And then there's this...

You're everywhere I go
Even though you're miles away
But I see, see your face everyday
Ooh and I love, I love it
It's a hard game you play
Hate it when you leave, hate it when you leave
Hate it when you're leaving me 
Damn... I love both these tunes, for the vocals, the backup singers, the horn charts, everythang.  Including and mebbe especially the lyrics.


In other news... I got off the phone with SN1 about a half-hour ago and he was about two hours out of P-Ville at that point in time.  So, we're doin' Happy Hour in two segments today, the first of which we just finished.  We shall continue as we've begun around 1730 hrs or so, and it looks like it's shaping up to be a GREAT evening here on The High Plains o' New Mexico.


  1. Have fun with your son. I hope the wind does not ruin your happy hour. It is a blowin' like a son-of-a-gun here.

    1. Thanks, Lou. The wind is a **serious** PITA here. It's been this way for three damned days now. But we shall a great time, despite the wind.

  2. Keith Richards is still alive? LOL, if EVER there were an argument against "clean living" and "proper diet" Richards is it! Someone once asked me if I was re-incarnated who would I wish to come back as and I ans unhesitatingly: "Rod Stewart." The guy had/has it ALL--sex (GOOD looking women), drugs, rock&roll (and the millions it generated) as well as good looks and being a better than fair amateur athlete (soccer) Plus his real talent was song-writing--he wrote over 200 songs! (My other choice was/is the late particle physicist Richard Feynman, acknowledged as smartest physicist in the world after Einstein, who rode motor-cycles, smoked cigars, chased women and gambled at Vegas--and wrote several books about it all--great reads!)

    1. Alive and kickin', Ol' Keef is. He's my freakin' HERO... or one of 'em, anyhoo.

      And there aren't any physics books layin' around the house, Virg. I never even balance my checkbook... that's how math-impaired I am.

  3. PS: Saayy, Buck, you sure you don't have any physics texts-books lying around? Mebbee re-incarnation DOES exist! lol


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