Friday, May 18, 2012

Still More Thievery

We had another late night and slept in again today.  We're still not fully caffeinated, nor have we finished reading the overnight mail, which includes the political cartoons from the Usual Source and news from the Usual USAF Source.  It's getting late, too... so we shall stoop to blatant thievery to check the ol' "did I put sumthin'... anythang... up on the blog today?" box.  From blog-bud IT, just a couple o' days ago:

That's Golf

A father, son and grandson went to the country club for their weekly round of golf. Just as they reached the first tee, a beautiful young blonde woman carrying her bag of clubs approached them.

She explained that the member who brought her to the club for a round of golf had an emergency that called him away and asked the trio whether she could join them.

Naturally, the guys all agreed.

Smiling,the blonde thanked them and said, "Look, fellows, I work in a topless bar as a dancer, so nothing shocks me anymore. If any of you want to smoke cigars, have a beer, bet, swear, tell off-color stories or do anything that you normally do when playing a round together, go ahead. But, I enjoy playing golf, consider myself pretty good at it,so don't try to coach me on how to play my shots."

With that the guys agreed to relax and invited her to drive first.

All eyes were fastened on her shapely behind as she bent to place her ball on the tee. She then took her driver and hit the ball 270 yards down the middle, right in front of the green.

The father's mouth was agape. "That was beautiful," he said.

The blonde put her driver away and said, "I really didn't get into it, and I faded it a little."

After the three guys hit their drives and their second shots, the blonde took out an eight iron and lofted the ball within five feet of the hole. (She was closest to the pin.)

The son said, "Damn, lady, you played that perfectly."

The blonde frowned and said, "It was a little weak,but even an easy seven would have been too much club. I've left a tricky little putt." She then tapped in the five-footer for a birdie.

Having the honors, she drove first on the second hole, knocked the heck out of the ball, and it landed nearly 300 yards away smack in the middle of the fairway.

For the rest of the round the statuesque blonde continued to amaze the guys, quietly and methodically shooting for par or less on every hole.

When they arrived at the 18th green, the blonde was three under par, and had a very nasty 12-foot putt on an undulating green for a par.

She turned to the three guys and said, "I really want to thank you all for not acting like a bunch of chauvinists and telling me what club to use or how to play a shot, but I need this putt for a 69 and I'd really like to break 70 on this course.

If any one of you can tell me how to make par on this hole I'll take him back to my apartment, pour some 35-year-old Single Malt Strath Mill Scotch in him, fix him a steak dinner and then show him a very good time the rest of the night."

The yuppie son jumped at the thought! He strolled across the green, carefully eyeing the line of the putt and finally said, "Honey, aim about 6 inches to the right of the hole and hit it firm. It will get over that little hump and break right into the cup."

The father knelt down and sighted the putt using his putter as a plumb. "Don't listen to the kid, darlin', you want to hit it softly 10 inches to the right and let it run left down that little hogback, so it falls into the cup."

The old gray-haired grandfather walked over to the blonde's ball,
picked it up and handed it to her and said, "That's a gimme, sweetheart."

The blonde smiled and said, "Your car or mine?"
At which we point we burst into laughter... literally... the first time we read this.  And then we got to thinkin' about 35-year-old single malt and shed a tear.  And that wasn't the end of it, either.


  1. But the BJ would be forgettable, no? Didn't you say that in the prior post? heh. snark off.

    1. I said SOME were eminently forgettable.

  2. Too bad the story ain't true... No golfer would give up a gimme with twelve feet to go. but I like the way you're thinkin'. ;)

    1. In re: 12 feet. That's what makes it funny, no?

  3. Oui, Je regrette tout19 May, 2012 01:47

    I had some blond promise to give me a good time once, and that's why I'm still working when everyone else my age is retired...

    1. C'est bien dommage, Regrette.

  4. HA! I saw that one coming. But, I figured the grandpa would pick the ball up and drop it in the cup.

  5. I cannot wait to show this to Pepper!

  6. Sister Happy25 May, 2012 09:39

    I saw a re-run of WKRP yesterday. The guys were using pick-up lines on Jennifer (I'm a lover, I'm strong, I'm mature, etc), and then Les Nessman sits down across from her. She says "What's the matter Les, don't you have a pick-up line?" to which Les says "I'm extremely wealthy."

    Of course Jennifer gets up and leaves with him.


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