Friday, May 25, 2012

A Re-run

This re-run is inspired by some snappy patter that took place in comments to yesterday's abbreviated post:


Here's a strange one: My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress.  From the "About" section (punctuation left "as found"):
My wife of 12 years recently packed up her belongings and moved out of our home. After her car was loaded I couldn't help but notice that a single item remained in her section of our closet, her wedding dress.
"You forgot something" I told her.
She replied "And what's that?".
"Your wedding dress", I said.
"Yeah, I am not taking that" was her response.
"What do you expect me to do with it?" I asked.
And to that she replied, "Whatever the $%^@# you want".
And this is what I did.....
The author is up to 50 uses as of last night, including pasta strainer, oil change drop-cloth, and so on.  I applaud the concept and wish I had thought of it. But then again, there was no such thing as a "blog" when the maid quit.  She did, however, leave her dress behind.  I sold it in my Going Out of Bid'niz sale for ten dollars more than she paid for it.  (The Second Mrs. Pennington, being a very frugal sort, bought the dress in a second-hand store.  Srsly.)  Here's the dress, laid out across the back of a couch (which went in that very same sale).

Someone got a good deal for only $30.00 US.  Worn once, and all that.  Well, twice maybe.  It was second hand.  True Story, swear to The Deity At Hand.

H/T:  The Awl
So... just for grins and giggles I went to the "My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress" link and it looks like the boy turned his life around, what with turning his blog into a book and getting re-married.   I didn't dive too deeply into the blog, but it looks like he MIGHT have proposed to his new wife on Facebook.  If that's the case I predict a sequel to his book... "101 Uses for my Second Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress."


  1. Good stories, both his and yours. I like the framed London Underground map. Is that still extant or did it go in the sale?

    1. Is that still extant or did it go in the sale?

      SN1 has custody of that poster. That was one of the VERY few things I just couldn't sell.

  2. Sister Happy25 May, 2012 09:24

    I loathe weddings. I loathe divorces. I love ice cream.

  3. "pasta strainer" LOL.

    LOL, Buck, the London Tube map is another thing we have in common--along with half the USAF types that were ever stationed in the UK, lol.

    1. I'd like to get another copy of that print. Mebbe I'll look around.

  4. That is really funny stuff, Buck. I've already let you know the "saga" of Pam's wedding dress. As boring as it is, we've still got to go pick it up at the friggin' "Archiving Dry Cleaning Joint."

    Actually, it was not really all that boring...if you know what I mean.

    1. That's a GREAT pic!

    2. BTW, the tall, dark, handsome guy in the checkedy suit is my Cousin's husband...the Hockey Agent who made it big as a young attorney by representing 4 of the 1980 Olympic team. They've got one son playing back and forth in the NHL, one son playing now at Dartmouth (I think, Dartmouth), and one that works for the NHL as an accountant.

      Dang him, 33 years later he looks just like that!

      Except for his fashion style, of course...

    3. So... with friends and relations like that, WHY are you not a hockey fan? Where did we go wrong?

    4. Dunno Buck. I think it's kinda like when you've slept with the world's most fabulous woman...anything else just seems "ho hum..."

      I'm a one woman man...and a one sport fan.

      Wasn't so in my younger days (I mean, on the sports thing). I loved the NBA, MLB, NFL, and yes...NHL. Heck, I'd even stay up late to watch the CFL, Boxing, or even Australian Rules Football.

      Got old...settled on one. Don't have enough emotional energy to care about the rest, I guess.

  5. It was a GREAT night. I had hair...she was more than ready to get out of the dress.

    Ahhhh...if I went in to the details of it, Globber would remove your glob.


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