Monday, May 14, 2012

Plane Pr0n...

... of a different sort:

Air Frame: An A-10C from the Arkansas Air National Guard's 188th Fighter Wing undergoes a phase inspection at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, May 8, 2012. The phase is one of the most elaborate of maintenance actions, requiring the removal, inspection, and service of hundreds of parts, panels, and mechanisms. At home station, this process would take 45 days to 60 days, but it typically takes just one week at Bagram thanks to round-the-clock work by maintenance crews. There are currently 18 A-10Cs at Bagram—all Air Guard machines flown by Guard pilots. They collectively fly a punishing schedule of 22 sorties a day in three shifts. Two aircraft per flight maintain on-call close air support in the southeast part of Afghanistan, according to officials at Bagram. (AFA photo by John A. Tirpak) (Click on image above to reach wallpaper version.)
From 45~60 days to a week is a significant time reduction, innit?  Not to mention the sortie rate...

From the Usual USAF Source.


  1. They're trying to take the A-10s away from Arkansas. I'm pretty negative on the Pentagon these days.

    1. I'm pretty negative on the obama administration. Less so on the five-sided wind tunnel.

  2. At sea, a Phase Inspection was pretty much an All Hands Event. It was not fun, especially when the ship was in port.

  3. That is a serious phase inspection!
    With longer intervals than carrier aircraft, the jets are pretty much taken apart.


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