Wednesday, May 09, 2012

"It's Only a Game... But It's a GREAT Game"

Out of all the ads the NHL is running this playoff season, this one's my favorite...

Yup.  It's JUST like that if you live in a hockey town.  (sigh)

Update, somewhat later:  Yeah, I've been watching a lot of NHL vids this morning (morning?  Don't ask...).  This one is new to me (I think it may have only played in the Dee-troit market, for obvious reasons):

Wow, that one brings back some VERY poignant memories.  I relocated to Rochester, NY in 1996, the year before the Wings ended their drought.  Two of my Dee-troit expat buddies and I watched the last game of the '97 Cup Final in a local sports bar and Boy Howdy did it get DRUNK out that night.  We were the ONLY Wings fans in the bar that night, IIRC, and we whooped it up so loud and so well that other patrons in the bar were buying us drinks... as if we needed 'em.  

We got the news a few days later about Konstantinov, which damped down the euphoria considerably.  That limo accident was a bona fide tragedy and was SUCH a sad thing.  But, as the video shows... fast forward to '98 for the on-ice tribute to Vladdy.  There wasn't a dry eye anywhere in MY vicinity when that happened.  Memories...


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