Thursday, May 31, 2012

For the Record

I mentioned in comments to yesterday's post that I'm visiting with SN1 in ABQ, principally to do my paternal duties of oohing and ah-ing over the new house, which is VERY ooh-able.  The visit has been good, even though I'm old and in the way as the family goes about moving in, which process (the moving) is one huge PITA. 

So, as the post title indicates here are three "new house" pics, coz we need to do such things.

Buck and Erma out front

Buck, Erma, and some old guy

On the staircase, one of the few areas NOT overwhelmed with boxes

Don't we look good?


  1. Looks very nice. Just keep those d*mn wildfires from comin' too close, K?

  2. Erma and SN1 are a handsome couple. Ah, to be back in the land of stucco houses!

  3. Man, that looks like a beautiful place. I like ABQ okay. It's a little bit big for my taste, but as you noted in the above post, but cities do have their advantages.

    Glad you got to spend some time with them, and get in their way. That's what Dads are for.

  4. Beautiufl house, beautiful family. And Buck, dang if you don't look a bit like that dashing actor from across the pond, Bill Nighy.

    I'm assuming that your "old and in the way" remark was just figurative and a chance to allude to one of Jerry Garcia's bluegrass group's albums. But I do know the feeling.

  5. Thanks, all y'all. I've used "old and in the way" for quite a while now, Dan. But I DO understand the Garcia connection.


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