Friday, April 20, 2012

Live Or Die

Tonight could be the last game of the season for both the Flightless Birds and the Beloved Wings.  But I don't think it will be... those cold-climate birds are playin' at home and still hold home ice advantage.  And they're pretty fired up after the beat-down they put on the hapless Flyers night before last... winning 10-3... which looks more like a football score than a hockey score.  And the Wings are still the Wings, even if they're playing in Nashville.  I look for both teams to survive this evening, although the odds are most definitely against them when it comes to winning the series.

The first round of these playoffs has been most interesting, what with five teams... the Sharks, Blackhawks, and Canucks, in addition to the above... digging themselves into a 3-1 hole.  Truth be told: I hope ALL of 'em lose their series, except for the Wings.  We have NO love at all for any of 'em; it's history where the 'Hawks and Sharks are concerned and just simple contempt for the Canucks.


Speaking of no love at all... Small-Tee and Seattle Andy were goin' off on ESPN and the state of sports on teevee in general the other day.  I read those comments and thought I was pretty pleased with the teevee coverage of hockey.  The announcers are generally pretty good, they know their hockey, and there's little or no schmaltz involved... just informed play-by-play announcing and pertinent hockey facts.  But there ARE some things that bug the sh!t outta me about watching hockey on teevee.  In no particular order...
"Chelsea Dagger" at the United Center.  I ALWAYS mute my teevee when Chicago scores in Chicago.  I never wanna hear that fuching song again.  Ever.
That annoying electronic "chink-CHINK" sound in the Shark Tank that escalates in pitch and intensity as they announce a goal and the assists.  Mute, once again.
Watching the Avs play on Altitude.  Altitude has annoying pop-up ad banners on the lower portion of the screen during the game that are terribly distracting.  A pox on them and the bid'nizes that buy those gotdamned ads.  Altitude also has the WORST in-house announcers, by far.  Lame.
The siren at Verizon Center when the Caps score a goal.  Somebody call the cops.  Please.
EVERY gotdamned overly-dramatic rink announcer who acts like this is the very first time anyone has ever heard a player's name... dragging out the name syllable-by-syllable while using exaggerated voice inflections that would embarrass a normal human being.  Old-time shouting used car ads on teevee are/were more enjoyable than those asshats.
I'm sure there are more but these are all that come to mind right now.

Oh.  Almost forgot:  LGRW!


  1. Altitude sucks. Completely. Most everything about the Avs, except the team, is intolerable. I hate their owner, I hate their TV coverage, I hate half of their TV announcing duo - Mike Haynes is pretty good, but Peter McNab is extremely hard to take. I watch via Gamecenter Live on the internet, and I usually switch to the other team's feed. Unless it's San Jose. Fuck them.

  2. I'm glad it's not just me. I always take the other team's feed over the Avs on Center Ice, too... unless it's not in HD.

  3. Looking forward to tonight's game. I hope we can get it here in Florida on Direct.


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