Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I Was Briefly Incarcerated...

... at the (old) US Disciplinary Barracks today.  But it was a voluntary sort of incarceration.  Note:

The 12th Brick Grille is a bar/sandwich shop which is literally within the walls of the military prison.  The 12th Brick gets its name from the fact the US Military Prison used to have a brick factory on the premises, with military convicts providing the labor.  Every 12th brick was stamped "USMP"... thus the name.  They serve great beer there, too.  I had a Boulevard Pale Ale and SN1 had a Boulevard Wheat.

Good stuff, Maynard.


  1. I knew you'd end up in jail - after all - it is Leavenworth. Very cool building - how was the inside?

  2. The inside is very modern... everythang's been renovated to current standards. The place looks new, but the art on the walls is all old B&W photos of the old prison... from the early 1900's. Those were interesting!


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