Friday, April 06, 2012

Heh. And Another Thang.

From the Usual Source of such thangs...

I'm sure Ms. Benson drew her inspiration from this Ol' Thang that made the rounds long ago:

It's the bird concept we're on about and that's pretty true in the most recent Obama silliness.  The above is always true in  hierarchies, but the three branches of Federal gub'mint are co-equal, right?  Don't most... ahem... "law professors" know this?


Old Post Chapel.

Detail of the outdoor display.
I forgot to post these two pictures as part of my "Leavenworth" pictorial.  I think my oversight was fortuitous, seein' as how today is Good Friday.   SN1 has been inside the chapel and he says it reminds him of some of the old churches we both visited in England.  That's a high compliment.


  1. "Don't professors know this?"

    Press Sec. Carney says he was speaking legal "shorthand." Which means his voice was emanating from the same place a proctologist begins his examination.

    Beautiful church in the pic. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  2. Hadn't seen the top cartoon -- it's a good one.


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