Wednesday, April 11, 2012

He Did the Right Thing

The knee-jerk right-wing blogs don't think so, though.  I read a few of the Usual Suspects in that space yesterday and there's much wailing and rending of garments in those places, along with not a little bit of defeatism... and by that I mean they're sayin' "It'll be 2008 all over again."  Me?  Santorum's exit was the best thang I've heard, read, or seen lately.


  1. "It'll be 2008 all over again."

    Ah yes, how soon the historic and complete domination of the more relevant recent 2010 elections are so easily forgotten by the hyperbolic chamber pot maids.

    But then again the economy is sooooo much better now. Food and gas prices have lowered…no wait…

    Yeah, I’m so scared of the Hope & Change machine returning a nickel for every dollar I‘ve earned. Yessiree, they’ll be able to run on Obama’s successful policy record of misery likes company…free contraceptives for everyone!…or something…

    Buck up ya’ whiny, defeatist, a-hole pansies. Either start being optimistic or shut up and get the hell out the way. There’s a train a comin’, it’s carrying an elephant to Pennsylvania Ave. and there’s no freakin’ room for your dead weight.

    And no he isn’t perfect, no sh*t Sherlock, but next to the dim bulb presently occupying the White House like some tired old, talentless lounge act that wasn’t worth the price of admission even in his prime, I’ll take ‘em with sugar on top, may I have please have some more in the Senate thankyouverymuch. Mmm,mmm,mmm…Mitt,Mitt, Mitt!!!

    That is all.

  2. It won't be 2008 all over again. Tim is right. I like Santorum, and voted for him. But, I like Mitt, too. I'll gladly go pull the lever (actually, punch the little electronic X thingy).

    1. Yanno how some people who live in Blue states stay home because they feel their vote won't matter? It's kinda that way for me... as my county is deep, deep Red. But NM is purple, a swing state, because of the all the asshat libs in ABQ and Santa Fe. So I WILL vote and I WILL vote for Romney. NM could make a difference this year.

  3. You're right. Rarely does a small electoral State like NM make a difference (or, LA...not quite so small an electoral State. But, LA is never in question in Presidential politics any more. Sure, we went for Bubba the first time, but have been solidly red since. Heck, I think The McCainiac got over 60% against ObozO. It'll be a larger margin this time).

    Still, I'm going to go touch the electronic X thingy for Romney. This will (likely) be the last chance I'll have to vote against Obama. And, I ain't letting it pass because I already know who the Electors from LA will be.

    I just ain't letting it pass. I have to shave every morning, and I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror.


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