Saturday, March 17, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack...

...which spilled over into the inaugural edition of After Dinner Whiskey Hour, 2012.  That prolly should be "ADWH Lite," because we won't be sitting out on the verandah after dark, doin' that star-gazing thang like we usually do during that time.  But it WAS ADWH by strict definition, coz it was (a) after dinner and (b) we were drinkin' whiskey.  But we digress, coz we're supposed to be on about the music, which was Da Blooz for the most part.  Like this:

You don’t have to explain baby
Don’t you worry about it
Cause I’ll be okay
You see, pain ain’t nuthin new
Well it’s sure not the first time
And it probly won’t be the last
OTOH, it might could be the last (time), given our current outlook and attitude.

Apropos o' Da Blooz... Blog-Bud Ivan put up a tutorial on singin' the blues which every good blues aficionado should read.  It's mostly all true, too. 

STOP PRESS!  THIS JUST IN!  Just got off the phone with SN1, who's rolling into P-Ville as we speak.  Let us now make American Noises, like Woo-HOO! and such!  Hockey Night In Portales!  Beer!  And lots of it!  I can't say this is totally unexpected, as we knew he was comin'.  But we thought he'd be in tomorrow, not tonight.

Best news I've had today.


  1. Thanks for the link, Buck

    ...wish I could take credit

    A nearby NPR affiliate was playing some remastered Ray Charles yesterday and for the life of me I cannot remember what any of the songs were

    I only bring that up because I was reminded by the opening of the Keb' Mo' number

    Anyone know where I can find some Blind Ethnic Pig-Iron?

    1. Anyone know where I can find some Blind Ethnic Pig-Iron?

      No, but I know where ya can get some Blind Persimmon Obama.

      I wish MY NPR affiliate played good music. All they play is elevator-quality Muzak.

  2. Hope y'all had/have a blast!

    1. We did. I'm surprised there's still beer in the fridge. There wouldn't have been any left, if'n I hadn't been drinkin' whiskey.

  3. Sweet news Buck! I'm sure a great time was had...

  4. I shall, with great humility, refrain from mentioning anything about the NHL teams I follow regularly because one of them lost last night and the other is still a point below the cutoff

    1. Well at least one of those teams got a point out of that loss.

  5. It sounds like a good time was had by all.


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