Friday, March 02, 2012

Goring Oxen

An item from the Usual USAF Source:
The Budget Balancing Act at HASC: Of all the items in the Air Force's just-submitted Fiscal 2013 budget proposal, the one that has attracted a bit of heat is the planned cut to the Air National Guard, said Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.), House Armed Services Committee ranking member, on Thursday. Smith told reporters in Washington, D.C., that he is having discussions with the Air Force, but has not decided on this issue nor "frankly, many others." Many state governors and adjutants general have already claimed that those cuts to the Air Guard—which would shed force structure and some 5,100 positions—are disproportionately high. Smith said many lawmakers on Capitol Hill are speaking about proposed defense cuts that they don't like, but are also making noise about a $1.3 trillion federal budget deficit. He noted that he's yet to hear anyone on Capitol Hill say, "'Here's where you should cut.'" He added, "That's what we ought to do." (See also Unity Needed and Trading Size for Quality.)
—Marc V. Schanz
Followed by a 'toon from one o' the other Usual Sources:

Hand in glove, no?  Well, not exactly... in that deciding where to cut isn't exactly like continuing to spend, spend, spend.  But it's pretty damned close.  I find it funny that the reflexive reaction o' congressional Dimmocrats is "cut defense" when one is talkin' about trimming the budget but they change their tune when proposed cuts happen in their states or districts.  Republicans, too, for that matter... but at least the GOP doesn't call for wholesale cuts in the DoD budget.


  1. Innit ironic that the DoD defense budget has been almost entirely eliminated in the SF Bay Area, where the two senators and former speaker have their other primary residence?

    Hamilto AFB - closed
    Mare Island shipyard - closed
    NAS Alameda - closed
    Oakland Army Base - closed
    Oak Knoll Naval Hospital - closed
    Naval Station Treasure Island - closed
    Hunters Point shipyard - closed
    The Presidio at SF - closed
    NAS Moffet Field - closed

  2. Well, you'll never hear a Dimocrap (or very few Republicrats) actually talk about cutting Medicaid, Welfare, Section-8, etc...

    My beloved (now retired from the Congressmire) Jim McCreary made it his career goal to "fix" Social Security...fought valiantly, too. He ended up being a guppy in a bed of bass. Finally threw in the towel.

    None of this shit is gonna get fixed. I've given up hope.

    Just gonna live out my few remaining days hoping my sons don't throw younguns that they'll have to leave with this mess, too.

    BTW, Skip...My beloved Granddaddy passed through Treasure Island on his way to The Pacific during "The Big One." Him, and about a million others, or so. (Don't get me started...)

    God, I miss him! But, I'm glad he didn't live to see the current state of his beloved America.

  3. Skip: What ya say is true, but dint it take the gub'mint well over 30 years to do away with all that infrastructure? I think so...

    None of this shit is gonna get fixed. I've given up hope.

    It will get fixed, one way or t'other. I'm thinkin' the way it gets fixed will be by default, which will be painful, ugly, and not without some bloodshed. It's too bad our congresscritters can't see that... coz it's a CLASSIC case o' "pay me now, or pay me later."

  4. "painful, ugly, and not without some bloodshed"


    I guess my definition of "fixed" was pretty shallow.

  5. I just hope DoD doesn't bleed out.

    1. There's not a day goes by of late when my in-box doesn't receive some sorta gloom 'n' doom message from AFA about the budget, especially the upcoming sequestration.


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