Friday, February 10, 2012

With Apologies To The Eagles

"I've got a dreadful, queasy feelin'" about November...  Santorum?  Really?  His own state wouldn't reelect him to the Senate.  There's some "electability" for ya.


  1. Great cartoon, Buck. And I share your misgivings about Santorum. I've watched him and he sounds okay, but there's just something about him that says "not presidential material." Still (to repeat what's fast becoming my new mantra) if he's the nominee, I'll vote for him. Anybody but....

  2. I'm not sure what I think about any of the candidates anymore. Like Dan above, I'll vote for whoever the nominee is.

    I just wish I had a clearer sense of who that should be. I'm not opposed to Santorum...I'm just not convinced either.


  3. I agree with Dapper Dan, anybody but the big "O".
    Just wish whom ever wins the nomination will grow a set!

  4. Y'know... it's really too sorry a situation when the only real alternative to the man is the survivor of the Republican Primary. I'm mean a vote for a minority party candidate is like selecting "None of the Above" or not voting

  5. The way this primary is shaping up, Mittens might just blow any chance that ANY republican candidate has.

    I just dislike Romney and his tactics so much that even though I am totally against another term for Obama, I don't think I could pull the lever for him. Fortunately, living in NY I really don't have to worry about my vote counting for much of anything, as Duh One will win NY.

    Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul. Wow. What a choice. It's like school days where the teams are already chosen and these are the ones NO one wants on their teams.

    Gingrich laid out a really strong plan in his speech, but his likability and having to fight the lies of Romney probably have finished his chances.

    Paul just ain't gonna cut it no matter what, and I can't vote for that nut job.

    I don't put quite as much "electability" problem for Santorum from his senate run, given the hostility of the voters during that time for Bush and just about all things Republican.

    Romney will never get away from Romneycare, and gun control, and all the other squishy issues.

    ABO is not the way to win elections. Just look to ABB where they ran Kerry against Bush.

    It just feels like this election is a mirror image of Bush's second term. Like the Dhimicrats handed the election to Bush for a second term, and now the repubs are returning the favor.

    We won't recognize this country after a second term of Obama though. It might be time to move out if Duh One wins a second term.

    Magic wordy thingy: bledge... I think that sums up my thoughts on the repub candidates.

  6. Things about Santorum don't bother me nearly as much as things about Newt and Romney. But they all bother me some.

  7. Dan: I SO hear ya about Santorum. I saw a few of his CPAC soundbites today and the guy just sounds LAME. But then again, Perry sounded pretty lame and he's done a pretty credible job in Tejas.

    Kris: Yeah... Anyone But Obama, even though we don't seem to have a candidate that generates enthusiasm. That's sad, innit?

    Ed: Yup.

    Ivan: The thought of someone... anyone... running as a third party candidate scares the bejeezus outta me. It would be four more years, fer shure.

    Anon: Well said. Gingrich appeals to me the most out of the four remaining candidates. I don't like what I've heard about him from people who worked for and with him in the House, however. There's way too much trash talk about his personality and leadership capabilities, some of which come from people who should know. Romney has lied about Gingrich to some extent, but some of Romney's claims have been backed up by others.

    Lou: I think Santorum is just another pol... no more, no less.


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